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You're correct, awesome squad. I hope Sharky Finn can be a lot better than Harmy! I think Luke Fletcher and Scott Borthwick are better bowlers than Rashid and Harris. Thing is, I've not seen anyone turn it like Borthwick did on the telly the other day. Fletcher could be the next Fraser.
Best of luck with everything! My two girls are 19 months apart! They love each other, are chalk and cheese, and fight like cat + dog.
Toggle Commented May 12, 2010 on It's time for a revamp at The Reverse Sweep
Agreed. Hate the super over. Plus it takes about 4 weeks for the damn thing to get under way.
Toggle Commented Mar 23, 2010 on In defence of the tie at The Reverse Sweep
I always imagined he'd look more intimidating.
Absoutely. I think it could be worth giving him a go at opening. Not as a long term option, mind. Two reasons, (a) it should keep away from the left-arm spin until he has played himself in, and (b), it keeps Trott at three and the rest of the batters closer to their more accustomed positions. That is, Colly at 4, Belly at 5, and Prior at 6. 5 bowlers, at least 4 of whom can bat pretty well, would then be a given.
I faced a similar thought process although mine was utterly removed from comparisons with football - for the simple reason that I know nothing about it (football, that is). Initially, I was going to pick the team that Murali played for - I love him you see. However, one quick look at their roster and that idea was banished. In the end the "Royal Challengers Bangalore" won it mainly as they contained two Englishmen (OK, English qualified players). I have to admit I don't hate Kallis as much now he's in "my" team; respect for his talent has almost overcome my dislike of his nostrils. Kumble is class. Delhi were relegated to 2nd, in a very close call, but they appear to have put all their cash into batting, which as someone who has-never-played-cricket-but-(maybe)-thinks-like-a-bowler is annoying. I don't think Colly (bless him) will play, but I actually like Andrew McDonald. I'm continually thankful he didn't play against us in 2005. I want to enjoy this IPL as something to pass the time until the real cricket begins. You know - the English domestic season. Come on Leicestershire and JAMES TAYLOR.
Superb stuff, I heard they are also working on a cover of Meat Loaf's song with the amended title "Spinner from Hell". (Erm, that's "Bat out of Hell" - it sounds better when you sing the chorus in your head.)
Always lovely to read positive stuff about Sausage Trescothick. Cheers!
Never seen batting look so easy. And calm. And graceful. Or sixes hit so gently.
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2010 on A few words on Tendulkar... at The Reverse Sweep
Delightlful! That is until my brain considered a child concocted from the genes of Akhtar and Afridi.
But do we know how good his 'keeping is? I can't remember much about it from when he's been on the telly; which is usually a good sign!
I think South Africa have suffered for going on the defensive, via team selection. 7 batsmen, 2 all-rounders, and two bowlers. Thinking only of a draw is dangerous indeed. How nervous were you when England replaced Simon Jones with Paul Collingwood for the Oval in 2005?
Are ginger people allowed to play on a green top?
Leicestershire's Alan Mullally Loved getting a 5 wicket tally .. Landing the seam .. On wickets of green Would drive the opponents do-lally. He was tall and he was lean But he was never really mean .. He kept it tight .. Thru day and night The best that Leicestershire's... Continue reading
Posted Feb 5, 2010 at Dave the Bard Bird's blog
Can't argue. I think both sides will struggle to get 20 wickets - especially RSA, as India have so many amazing batsmen both young (Virat Kholi) and old (Sachin). RSA will need to get a lot of overs from JP Ignominy, turning him into an all-rounder may even help cure his batting.
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Feb 5, 2010
For me they need, somehow, to place greater importance on their domestic 4-day game. From what little I understand they still don't "get it".
Agreed. We seem to have too many bowlers that offer a couple of good matches along with a load useless "potential". Eg. Tremlett (so far), Harmison, Tudor, Mahmood, and Plunkett. I know Plunkett and Mahmood also have time on their side, but with Steven Finn and (hopefully) David Payne looking good, I'd guess those chaps had better get it together pretty damn soon..
Toggle Commented Jan 27, 2010 on Chris Tremlett is alive at The Reverse Sweep
Nice list. Liam Dawson would get in ahead of Rory the Brown for me though. Similar sort of player. Could there room for both in an England team?
Mmmm. Pie.
Sangakkara for me insteads of Gilly. Mainly because I get sick of people saying Gilly, Gilly, Gilly without mentioning him. And because he's read Lord of the Rings. Murali in ahread of Warne for me because he smiles, seems nice, and doesn't get drugs from him Mum. Steve Harmison - erm. Sorry. I understand about his super-mico-peak, but that's not enough for me. For the whole decade (and still going) has anyone else been more consistant than Ntini?
Surely Jessy Ryder will prove to be world class - if he sort his temper out. As I suspect will Southee and Guptil. Tough times for NZ cricket though, for sure.
Nice list though. Nathan Astle would also make the occasion blaster list, obviously for his 152 double ton against a terrified Matthew Hoggard.
Come on, you've GOT TO make room for Shahid "BOOM BOOM" Afridi. Just for his name. How about a list of expected bashes? You could have Shiv Chanderpaul at the top for his 70-odd ball ton vs. the Aus?
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Dec 23, 2009