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United Kingdom
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Cameron should have kept his nose out of it - he just shows himself up as being exactly like B.Liar every time he opens his mouth.
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Guido actually publishes from the Cayman Islands - so Obama's spooks can't get at him either.
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It wasn't only stupid, it was typical Left-wing nasty!
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The figure now stands at 8,170 and it will probably surge again tonight when people get home from work.
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Traitors all, a Europlastic wrecking amendment - total fudging of the issue to kick it right into the long grass. Just how stupid do they think we are - or, perhaps, they are the stupid ones? Nah - they're just protecting their political careers and climbing another inch up the old greasy pole - as usual.
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This Europhile coalition will never willingly give us the referendum we actually want because they already know what the answer would be!
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Feb 13, 2011
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