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Brandon Barkley
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I cancelled this morning. Saying that it is childish to do so is a bit of an over generalization. I am just voting with what counts, my dollar. That said, I was in a potential position to cancel for a while anyway as I am too busy to really keep up with the DVDs (I got a whopping one the entire month of July), and it will only get worse once the Fall TV season gets going in a few weeks. Also, I have $50 in credit for this site called CinemaNow that I got with my Blu-Ray player. That will get me through 10 movies. Maybe after that starts running dry, I will hit Netflix up again though I am considering asking my father-in-law to just add an extra disc to his plan that I could pay for.
Initially I was just going to cut back, but after discussing the financial savings with my wife, we have decided to just cut it out completely for a while. I think between Redbox, Blockbuster (there is a surviving one not far out of my commute with a big banner advertising 99 cent per night movies), and um... less savory means, I think I can cover the gap without a problem.
According to my current "Change Membership" page, these are the new prices. Streaming Only: 7.99 DVD Only: 1. 7.99 2. 11.99 3. 15.99 4. 21.99 5. 27.99 6. 32.99 7. 37.99 8. 43.99 Unlimited DVD+Streaming: 1. 15.98 2. 19.98 3. 23.98 4. 29.98 5. 35.98 6. 40.98 7. 45.98 8. 51.98 Limited Plans: 1 DVD (2 rentals per month) + 2 Hours Watch Instant $4.99 Starz Play Only $6.99
Using a PC, I was able to stream a movie from 8-10PM last night without any rebuffering issues.
6 computers (only four would realistically ever be used for it though) 1 Wii 1 BD Player
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Jun 13, 2011