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Glad to see my assesments were so far off, lol
I'm man enough to admit when I'm wrong. Jones and Bradley totally dominated tonight.
I would definitely like to see this. I'm also very interested in seeing Babajide Ogunbiyi as a possible new big CB. I hope Onyewu gets back to being his old self, but it's been a long road. If outside backs are going to continue attacking more and more, we need skill at CB more than ever.
and Jones should have been red carded for his tackle on Neymar.
Yes,every single time either plays for USMNT. I'm not saying that I would take Beckerman over Jones if I owned a club. However, on a team that desperately needs someone to calm the team, hold posession, stay in position, and not get carded every single match. Yes I think Beckerman fills our current needs more than Jones. I also think that Bradley and Edu are both better options than Jones. Obviously Jurgen sees something in him too.
Ok. Then watch highlights of goals we have given up and see where bradley was on the field when it happened. I'll count the number of times he turns the ball over tonight. Torres is one of the few players on the team who actually holds posession and creates opportunities. He can't do that at wing...well, i guess he could, but he didn't. Jones is a liability. He has no discipline and brings nearly nothing to the field. Edu has very rarely played well for USMNT. Probably because he is misused, but nonetheless, he rarely plays well. Bradley, Edu, and Jones are being used as if they are the same type of player. Which they are more or less. Why do you need 3 of the same guy at once? It creates a scenario where none of them actually play their proper role. Beckerman makes every JK squad. Haters gonna hate, but he does play well for usmnt...and actually holds posession and is least likely to be caught out of position. Some players play better for their clubs, some play better for their nations, some do both. Boca and Dolo will be 35 years old by World Cup time.
I hope I'm wrong. But if they aren't available we have nothing prepared to fall back on. Thath's what friendlies ought to be used for.
I don't think Jones has looked capable for an instant of his USMNT career. He is a liability and a hot head and isn't worth the risk. Sub Beckerman. Yes Beckerman. for jones. sub herc for boyd. great line up that will actually teach us somthing we don't already know.
IMHO: 1.Playing Bradley, Edu, and Jones at the same time was moronic. 2. Playing Torres at left wing was idiotic. 3. Onyewu, Boca, and Dolo will be lucky to make the 2014 squad. Yah I said it. RED ALERT! No one seems to be addressing the aging of the regulars. Two years is a very long time. 4. Cutting Shea was the right move. But seeing him or Rodgers on the left side instead of Torres would have been interesting. 5. Beckerman consistently plays well for USMNT. What he does in MLS doesn't matter. 6. Bradley is playing more his old self, but he gets caught forward and gives up a goal far more often than he creates one. Also turns the ball over incessantly. is now following The Typepad Team
Jun 3, 2012