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Test. And more test. And even more test. Let's see how this works. You know like an experiment. To see how this works. Continue reading
Posted Sep 1, 2010 at Barry's blog
Posted Sep 1, 2010 at Barry's blog
Thanks for your attention to these issues. We agree freedom of speech is a fundamental right and we’re proud of the role Facebook plays in enabling free expression around the world. However, we’re disappointed that you didn’t reach out to us to confirm any of the information in your post. As a result, there are a number of inaccuracies in the story and you generally misunderstand and misrepresent our system. Specifically: --We deal with a lot of users and, inevitably, someone breaks the rules. Just because they say they didn’t do anything wrong doesn’t mean they didn’t. When we investigate these issues, most of them end up being legitimate disables for users that are doing something that violate our terms of service. This was the case in the Texas radio station issue and Rafik Dammak. In both cases, the user sent a large number of friend requests that were rejected by other users and ignored warnings about spamming. As a result, the accounts were disabled, and the Pages for which they were the sole administrator were disabled. If the users consent, we would be happy to provide the account data that corroborates our decision. We are sending messages to both users asking for their consent. The suggestion that our automated system has been programmed to censor those who criticize us or take some other specific position is counter to everything Facebook stands for. --We offer an appeal system and, when we’re wrong, we admit it and often give people second chances even when we’re right. We recognize that we can always do better and we’re currently working to improve the appeals flow to make the process more straightforward and easier to navigate for our users. --The theory that the number of complaints impacts our decisions is demonstrably false. We’ve recognized that the simple tactic of stuffing the complaint box would be a threat to free speech if we used it as a trigger for action. That’s why the number of complaints plays no role in our decisions and never has. For example, holocaust denial groups that receive complaints every day and garnered much negative attention in the press ( The groups remain. --The suggestion of an anti-muslim bias is wrong and offensive. We review content that is reported to us and will remove it if expresses hatred that directly targets individuals or groups. If you find hatred that directly targets individuals or groups on the site, the sole reason it remains is that it either hasn’t been reported to us or we haven’t had a chance to review the report yet. --In almost all cases, a professional reviewer investigates a report before action is taken. --One exception is spam where automated systems help keep Facebook free of spam. Of course, in some cases, someone may inadvertently trigger an automatic system that is intended to prevent spam. The system always provides warnings to users when they’re getting close to hitting the limit for a given feature. After a certain number of warnings, they must go through a process that educates them about how they may have been misusing our features. At that point, access is fully restored. Those who do not comply could be temporarily disabled. Users can always write to our appeals queue if they feel they’ve been treated unjustly. The suggestion that these systems act without warning is false and is not the way the system is designed. --Finally, Facebook has 400 million users and that is a tremendous community to manage. Of course we may make the occasional mistake but our intention is always to keep the service safe, secure and free of spam and hate. If you have questions about this or future issues, please reach out to me (barry@facebook) or my colleagues ( We try to be responsive, even on holiday weekends. Sincerely, Barry Schnitt -- Barry Schnitt Director, Policy Communications Facebook 650.543.4979
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May 30, 2010