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Bashar Ar
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I love street photography, my combo was a nikon D700 with 50mm, i tried zooms and got sick of there flaws... I value image quality and colour rendition/image quality out of the camera, i prefer to get my exposure right on the spot and learn my gear instead of mastrubating over raw at home... Got the X100, it did not take 2 days to realize that this is the camera i have been dreaming about, Sold the D700 for a profit, because everyone and there dog believes that they will be better photographers if they move to full frame... while big SLRs will always have there place, mostly for working professionals, this camera have opened new horizons for anyone who just wants to ENJOY photography and doesn't want to be a body builder lifting heavy gear.... I disagree that everyone NEEDS a zoom, some of the great masters of photography lived there life with a fixed lens... The camera is not perfect by any means, but once you get intimate with it you will learn its flaws.....
Toggle Commented Jul 21, 2011 on Fuji Finepix X100 Review at The Online Photographer
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Jul 20, 2011