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I saw this article - also found it to be disturbing. Another -ism that is noticeably absent from his list of 'moral challenges' is terrorism. That it didn't cross Dlamini's mind to include this is also telling. Interestingly though, in the same edition of the Weekender he wrote an article on Arab racism. He was very reluctant though to make any concrete accusations, musing it might simply be an invention of anti-Islamic propagandists. However, at least he was asking the questions. That is something rare in SA papers. Here's the link:
I agree with independent Jew, the SAJR was wrong not to publish especially after they undertook to do so. It is of course their prerogative to publish whatever they choose and because they are not state media if they reject certain views it can hardly be considered censorship. But tactically it was a bad move. As Diane said the more he speaks, the more he backs himself into a corner - publishing an article doesn’t endorse it or give it credibility. We should be able to take criticism on the chin especially the shoddy type from the likes of Kasrils which makes a bigger fool of the critic than anyone else. As Mike has said, the radicals' biggest weakness is that they can't keep calm and ultimately reveal themselves for the raving lunatics they are - just as Kasrils has done in his latest rant. There was a good article written by Steyn in which he wrote critically of laws which sought to ban the burning of flags. His view was that he wants to know exactly who would burn a flag and that those people should be given the full right to publicly shame themselves and their communities. The same should apply to Kasrils. He condemns himself as a radical more with his own words than an SAJR editorial ever could.
For me, one of the most significant events was the assasination of Musab al-Zarqawi. Though the effects have been limited, it was a true win for the war on terror and I think it gave good reason to be optimistic again. The world is certainly a better place for it.
Toggle Commented Sep 25, 2006 on 5766 The Year That Was at It's Almost Supernatural
Brilliant post, Mike. You could soon be giving PJ O'Rourke a run for his money. I really loved the part about the communist newspaper. It brought back good memories of the one they used to sell at Wits (the name of which eludes me for now).
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2006 on Anti-War but Pro-Terror at It's Almost Supernatural
A very balanced declaration that has my full support.
Steve, thank you for the excellent coverage. Keep it up!
Toggle Commented Jul 24, 2006 on MG Watch at It's Almost Supernatural
I agree with you Mike - the MRN has been lent far more legitimacy than they deserve, and I share your hope that moderate South African Muslims will speak out against the MRN’s extreme views. I must say, however, that their continued silence - to use a cliché - has been deafening. I find this to be a very worrying trend indeed. Recently I have started to think of it not so much as an anomaly, as I did before, but rather as a form of tacit agreement.