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Any of the top brands will do the job and 99% of the time no one will be able to tell the difference in the finished product. What matters most is "Does this camera feel right to me, do the controls make sense to me?" My suggestion is to find a professional photo supply that rents equipment and try each camera with a couple of lenses for a weekend. If there isn't one locally where you are, there a number that will ship to you. The one I use charges an extra day's rent plus shipping costs, but that beats driving 300 miles when I really need a specialized lens. That is what I did two years ago when I decided it was time to go digital. I use Olympus OM series for 35mm, so I didn't need to worry about compatibility with my old lenses. I rented a 10D with 24-70 and 70-200 lenses and a Nikon D100 with 24-120 and 80-200 lenses. After a weekend of using both, and and review of the approximately 4000 photos shot I picked Canon, but only because I prefered its feel.
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If I am what I eat - I'm cheap, fast and easy.
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