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Chad, it might be worth to note that this only applies to the vApp version if you want to integrate it directly with vCenter Operations Enterprise.
Toggle Commented Jan 16, 2013 on EMC Storage Analytics is now GA! at Virtual Geek
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Jun 9, 2011
The labs were indeed awesome, and for me it was the experience of a lifetime to be part of this team. And I'm sure my own experiences ( ) will only be blown away by the next time I'm lucky enough to work with you all! :) Chris has done a great job writing this up, and even though I was there for part of it, I really enjoyed reading this writeup.
So, how a about a hint for the non-US folks out there now that the show has aired? ;-)
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I have to say, this is probably the first guarantee that I would sign for! Very nice piece you write.
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I think the main issue is way more trivial. Especially in larger environments we tend to lose the ability to keep an overview of what the requirements are for an overall solution. For example, if I take my own company, we have a department for storage, for networking, Operating systems, databases, applications, and I could go on for quite a bit. Then talking to your own internal or external customer you come up with requirements that get filtered a couple of times, and are subject to the loss of information. Usually you are also dealing with a solution portfolio that offers you several default configurations or the need to find out (the best you can) what a customer wants. Usually it's hard to find the exact requirements from each different group since people just don't have an overview of all technologies anymore. People might be able to tell you that they want a certain response time for their end users, but you will have a hard time finding out what the exact requirements are because a DB guy might tell you that he needs a certain response time from his disks, but doesn't know how certain operating systems parameters might influence his application, or how a certain application patch level might cause problems. I agree that we need to start asking the right questions, but we need to start with our own colleagues and customers. Sometimes that also means telling someone "You can't answer my questions, find me someone who can.". That's not something everyone can do. And as long as I don't know what "I" want, it doesn't matter what I buy because the outcome is usually different than expected for most, and they usually find out when something is already productive and causing issues.
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Jan 15, 2010