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It would have been worse but he protected all of us
....and breath. Well said though, nail, hammer, head, hit
couldn't finish and now I'm angry
Congrats on taking the opportunity to turn this post into former child actor whore pictorial - not a slam, really made it more enjoyable
Looks like someone's Dad was not proud she got finger banged by a hockey player
Homer would sign him to a 12 year contract then trade him for not living on Dry Island #neverletthemtakepicturesofyou
Done @Slook, they are the reasons why CB is the best - plenty of other blogs with no personality and just regurgitate beat report news. You also need to be able to understand and appreciate a good joke and sarcasm
I'm pretty sure that in that top pic Richie's hand is reaching for a feel
@hopdevil - she just isn't, I want a girl who likes to score (sometimes with her head) not one who likes to prevent you from scoring
Very smart not leading with the Alex pic, I never would have read the rest of the post.
Wow, at first glance I thought it was Blanton in a wig
Expect to continue to see this vid clip for decades to come - one of the best shifts/goals in Flyers playoff history
Long live Captain one eight - fuck the haters
Train like a freak
best athlete or just best at his given sport - best at sport it's Halladay hands down but best overall athlete, Giroux may suprise
thank you, just what I needed on this Tues morning just days after the season ends - to re-live another Flyers season with high expectations end in the fetal position. though it also did re-energize my total fucking dislike for the devils
bad hips are sure not from hitting anyone in the boston series
Toggle Commented May 10, 2011 on Your Flyers Surgery Roundup at Crossing Broad
local TV news (all markets) is the worst. should have put him in a #10 jersey for the ultimate embarrassment
brutally hilarious
If that is the case then more power to him and that is exactly what he should do
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Apr 27, 2011