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I encounter the usual objections; the main ones are these two. If a loving God is sovereign why is there so much pain & evil in the world, and of course all the evolutionist stuff.
There is much debate about this issue, that looks like folks are mixing up salvation and role in His church.
I shared this page to my twitter account also.
Matthew's gospel was written to Jews as a primary audience; knowing your family history and being able to prove it mattered to them. There are Old Testament passages I have seen regarding some not being able to prove it, in Ezra 2 for example.
The role of women in the Christian church is worth looking at closely, since many Christian churches are affirming this. I also posted this to Twitter.
The difficulty of words like sarx is one reason I am interested in this.
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The Mosaic Law comes into play with modern Christians because of the prevalence of antinomianism today. I know many who say that what we do is of no impact. While I do believe that is true from a justification perspective, from a sanctification, rewards, or ambassadorship perspective, what we do does matter.
Places where this original language study adds clarification to Biblical understanding would be good. There are some difficult to understand issues.
I confess I haven't thought of it in terms of the 5 items listed above before. I have always approached theology in a somewhat simplistic get to know God by studying His Word and via prayer. I would perhaps go with Watson's definition, since that by title displays most evidently God-Word connectedness.
I posted a twitter comment to @kinstitute about this.
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This is a seasonal beverage, on a cold winter night. Cinnamon sticks would be how I would do this.
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2012 on Wednesday Giveaway - The Gagging of God at Koinonia
Our view of sovereignty impacts at least 2 things, likely more. There is the question of how much God will care for us while here on Earth. He promises to meet our needs, though in the West our idea of needs is likely very wrong. It also impacts our view of the Calvinist vs. Arminian debate. As we view His sovereignty more and more highly, we are more are more likely to be of the Reformed persuasion of Christian faith. The answer to the is it about Him or me question will certainly be impacted by this.
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Jan 25, 2012