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You may have a point, but those that can not bear children are penalized through no fault of their own. Add a work related total disability and you have a statistical corundum, and having child for a meal ticket and there will be adult children spending their money on psychotherapy. FYI: Social Security is not a pension, I think of it as a form of savings like whole life insurance, one which requires 10 years to get vested.
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I think Thomas Ardres, you are mistaking human "greed" and the belief we are free of the taint of corrupt politicians, criminal organizations, robber barons in one industry or another providing not only our conflict diamonds, but many minerals. Your cellphone needs Colan (80% from the Congo) which has not only caused decades of sustained warfare, but illegal mining is destroying the habitat of the Congo gorilla, primitive mining of gold requires the use of lead placing these illicit miners (often children) at risk, entire tributaries of the Amazon are poisoned. Yet these poor workers and the sex trade that follows, consume none of that - we do, the haves in a mostly have not world. Think of this as you use your cell phone, iPad, your hardwood furniture, do you know where it came from? Was it harvested, or raped from mother Earth for your benefit? Read:
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Aug 20, 2013