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Welcome to AVATAR Typepad SurferBum! you would understand this if youve been here a bit longer...Sgt. Alex...or w/e his name is now, likes to tell us about his glorious life *rolls eyes* *sarcasm*
QotD: If i had a an ikran, I'd name it Bakteyo because that's my name in Na'vi. Haha! Continue reading
Posted May 16, 2010 at AVATAR
Its somewhere in the caribbean, im pretty sure. its a pic i saved a long time ago cuz i loved it so much
Toggle Commented May 14, 2010 on No title at AVATAR
JP added a photo at AVATAR
Pandora on Earth :)
May 13, 2010
QotD: Of course! I'm going to get really excited now! haha! I'm really anxious to see what James will come up with on the prequel (if he writes one). I really wanna know more about Grace, the RDA, and the... Continue reading
Posted May 12, 2010 at AVATAR
i'm pretty much going to guess that a lot of people have seen this already, but James has revealed that the waters of beautiful :) Pandora will be explored in the next film, and that the other planets of the... Continue reading
Posted Apr 22, 2010 at AVATAR
Hockey Mark Wahlberg Mario Bros. Ninja Turtles
Has anyone else heard about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? I'm a huge Harry Potter fan (as I am an Avatar fan of course...well...Avatar beats out Harry Potter at this point in time lol) but anyway, I'm going opening... Continue reading
Posted Mar 29, 2010 at AVATAR
mine starts riday too!! :D i was so happy when i heard that spring break landed on a good friday this year! made me happy! but then i have finals right after so that sucks :/
Oops! I forgot to put where I saw it lol I saw "Avatar" in a nice theatre in Northern Indiana! Continue reading
Posted Mar 24, 2010 at AVATAR
QoTD: I heard of Avatar for a while before its release, but i never looked into it and never had an urge to do so. When i saw "2012" in theaters with my girlfriend, we saw the "Avatar" trailer, looked... Continue reading
Posted Mar 24, 2010 at AVATAR
nope. im still a highschooler lol but i actually plan on going to a film and art school in Savannah, Georgia. the schools called SCAD
Toggle Commented Mar 23, 2010 on @ Paikia Are you from Michigan? at AVATAR
thats funny Paikia, cuz im originally from Dever, CO and i moved to northern Indiana lol srry for the randomness
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2010 on @ Paikia Are you from Michigan? at AVATAR
Gail lol i beat the avatar part twice and couldnt get enuff of Pandora itself. so why not? :D its hard tho so i mite just give up lol
On Avatar the game, how do i kill this thanator wen im the RDA?!?! Continue reading
Posted Mar 20, 2010 at AVATAR
I almost dont want them to have children. its so cliche to me, and i dont want the focus being on the kids, and i dont want neytiri fading into the backround for half the movie when shes pregnant and has to give birth (but i do have to keep in mind that JC said the Na'Vi arent placental; cant wait to see or hear more of this from him). If anything, i want them to have kids in the last movie, not the next.
I still can't believe the detail that went into this movie! It's mind blowing how you can see every poor and wrinkle on Neytiri's face. I can't wait to see Avatar on Blu-Ray!
Commented Mar 17, 2010 on No title at AVATAR
That was a teensy weensy bit dramatic, don't ya think? lol I was slightly bummed when I saw The Hurt Locker win last night too, but theres so much more than the Oscars! By that I mean, look at all the followers James Cameron has compared to Kathryn Bigelow's small community of almost nothingness. When it comes to movies in a traditional sense, didn't you expect the Academy to choose a movie like The Hurt Locker? Look at all the movies that have won in the past; they were all realistic dramas about hardship. That's it. I think they are a afraid to vote for something so new and different. But to be quite frank, movies like Avatar (in a technical sense) are the future of film. And look at all of the other great achievements James Cameron and the Avatar family have accomplished. All the other awards, and best of all, the movie becoming the highest grossing film of all time; even surpassing James' own Titanic! It's mind blowing, really! So let's just all keep our fingers crossed that Avatar 2 could potentially be one of the first sequels to ever get nominated and win an Oscar for best picture! And on a side note, did anyone notice that when The Hurt Locker won best picture (and also when Kathryn won best director) James Cameron didn't look mad or confused, but rather concentrated; like all the gears in his brilliant mind started moving faster and more intently? I have a feeling Avatar 2 could be just as award worthy, if not more so, than Avatar itself.
I don't know if this is a dumb question or not, but where does everyone get the hi-res photos from? Continue reading
Posted Mar 6, 2010 at AVATAR
if you guys havn't heard already heard, there will be a Pre-Oscar special on ABC tomorrow at 10/9c and this Saturday at 9/8c. There will be a whole Avatar segment and a sit-down interview with James Cameron, Zoe Saldana, Sam... Continue reading
Posted Mar 2, 2010 at AVATAR
hmm thats smart! good idea
does anyone know how expensive 3D TVs are gonna be? Continue reading
Posted Feb 20, 2010 at AVATAR
if i can get a ticket before its sold out....not to mention an actual seat
how are they??? especially the art of avatar
so the extra footage isn't gonna be added to the movie...Ever? They're gonna keep it unfinished?