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Regarding last nights debate...I have come to expect nothing less from Newt. Frankly, I don't give a damn about Newt's personal life (ever wonder why it is called "personal" life?). What I really care about is that he is the best suited candidate capable of saving our Republic from the marxist quisling currently occupying OUR Oval Office...period. Also, and this is very important, he fully understands the existential threat posed to the West, America in particular, by Islam and he is not afraid to be outspoken about "the Muslim problem" no matter how much CAIR whines. Go Newt, you've had my vote from the beginning!!
Response to Gene, Same to you my brother...thank you!
Response to Richard, And thank you as well Richard for your kind words. Much appreciated. - Armed Patriot
Response to Choi and Nedsky, Thank you both very much, I appreciate your kind words and agree with what you have written as well. - Armed Patriot
In response to Lynn Boeltz, I agree with you about Obama, but herein lies the problem with writing an article, as Ms. Geller did, in such broad terms...Ms. Geller cannot have it both ways. On one hand she says she has the deepest respect for the military and those who protect and defend our homelands borders. On the other hand she badmouths federal workers as overpaid "parasites." America's military men and women ARE federal workers! So are U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officers (CBP), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agents/analysts/etc, and all of the other federal organizations that America relies on everyday to protect her from our enemies at home and abroad. Ms. Geller wants to know, "It is public "service"; where's the "service"?" Really? What is she insinuating here? That all federal workers (both military and civilian) should donate and volunteer our services for a minimum wage?! Or be put on food stamps and welfare? That federal workers do not deserve to earn as much as the equivalent private sector worker? Quite frankly, federal public servants do deserve to earn a living wage just like everyone else, even though they are being paid by the American taxpayers. And in response to "old cross-eyes," I understand and appreciate your point, but that is not what Ms. Geller wrote in her article. She did not differentiate "between a Green Beret A-Team and the mail department in a Government Agency." She used a broad brush to paint ALL federal workers the same - and this is where I took issue. But let's not get bogged down...the real problem America faces now is not how much money the federal workers earn as compared to their civilian counterparts; rather, it is how we are going to remove the quisling who presently occupies OUR White House to keep him from tearing down our military more than he already has, from socializing America more than he already has, from destroying our economy any more than he already has, from emboldening our Islamic enemies at home and abroad more than he already has, and from alienating our friends and allies abroad more than he already has.
How dare you call me a "parasite" for protecting and defending America!! Who do you think you are??? Ms. Geller, let me ask you several questions. Have you ever served in the Armed Forces of the United States? I didn't thing so! I have, and I am an honorably retired Special Forces (Green Beret) soldier with over 20 years of difficult and dangerous service to my country. Have you ever served in the federal government in any capacity securing our national borders from those who would do us harm? I didn't think so! Well I do - I work as a Customs and Border Protection Officer for the Department of Homeland Security. I have sacrificed more for this country than you could ever imagine and have always earned (yes, "earned" my money...I work long and hard hours with lots of overtime just to pay the bills each month with little money left over. My wife has to work hard too in order to help us make it each month!) a salary less than any equivalent job (usually there is no equivalent job) in the private sector. By the way Ms Geller, any time you want to "serve" your country by helping me defend this great nation of ours you can go to and apply for a position with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. I look forward to working with you someday whenever you decide to "serve" your country rather than badmouth those of us who do!!
Response to Davod: While I respect your opinions, my question to you is did you watch the same video "Herman Caine on Libya" as the rest of us???! If you honestly believe that Cain gave an excellent response then your standards for President need to be raised considerably. In my opinion, Cain did not come across as having any institutionalized knowledge about anything that the journalists were asking him about! He was "like a quarterback scrambling around the backfield trying not to get sacked." In other words, as the saying goes "If you can't dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullshit." Cain was clearly "winging it" and it was pathetic at best. And he is running for President? Give me a break! The three cases you listed in your post are hypothetical and based on what "he could have proposed" are fabricated by you and not based on what Cain actually said or even might or might not do! You are attributing words and ideas to Cain that are yours not his! While I appreciate the a fact that you "like Herman Cain" (and so do I in terms of him coming across as a nice guy), this is not a popularity contest! Our enemies at home and abroad would eat this guy alive because he is a lightweight. And your assertion that "Gingrich is fine for Vice President, but Cain is able to address the issues more clearly and is far more credible at keeping us united." Say what?!? What flavor of Kool-Aid have you been drinking?? Obviously you have not read Gingrich's resume or listened to his responses during the debates. It is becoming more and more obvious that Cain is a "one trick pony" not ready for prime time. I support a GINGRICH/WEST ticket.
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2011 on Cain's Unrecoverable Moment at Atlas Shrugs
A Gingrich/West ticket works for me!
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2011 on Cain's Unrecoverable Moment at Atlas Shrugs
Pamela, Awesome speech! You just keep getting better and better!! Thank you for everything that you are doing to wake Americans up to reality. I own both of your books and they are excellent!
I would select Newt Gingrich (R-GA) over Santorum and strongly suggest Allen West (R-FL) as his running mate.
It is now 09:30 PST in California, and I just got off of the phone with a representative of the Hyatt Hotel ( 1 800 323-7249 Corporate Complaint Department). I was told that Ms. Geller's event was cancelled because there were threats of protest made against the venue...but the representative would not tell me who made the threats. She stated that "safety of their guests" and no "disruptions" to the Hotel were their primary reasons for canceling the event. I expressed my support for Pamela Geller and the I was going to boycott the hotel chain.
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Darth Vader? Evil Empire? The Borg (from Star Trek "The Next Generation"), Anti-American? Sedition? Traitor? Apologist in Chief? Pro-Sharia? Socialist? Marxist? Communist? Weasel? Arrogant? Muslim sympathizer? Promoter of the downfall of America and the destruction of her Constitution? Alienator of our friends and allies abroad? Destroyer of Israel? Emboldens our enemies at home and abroad? Clueless? Do nothing (except campaign)? Presidential failure? Accomplished nothing? Promoter of the Muslim Brotherhood and the hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood front groups waging jihad against our Republic right here in America? Hater of the American way of life and destroyer of the American Dream? I could go on, but you get my point... - Armed Patriot
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2011 on Not an American flag in sight at Atlas Shrugs
I had to stop watching the Apologist's Iftar speech at 1:36, because my bullshit meter pegged out all the way into the red zone! Besides, it sickens me to think that this pathetic excuse for a President has the audacity to practice taqiyya right from our White House. Does he actually believe his own prepared speech designed to suck up to Muslims? Does not the Apologist understand what he is doing by emboldening our enemies within, e.g. Ellison, Carson, Muslim Americans. What words come to mind? Sedition? Treason? Impeachment?
More than at any time in her history the United States needs both a President and an American population who not only understand the "Muslim problem" at home and abroad, but who are willing to deal with it before it destroys us. Stop the immigration of Muslims to America...stop the building of mosques in America...encourage self-deportation of all Muslims in America...instill critical thought about Islam into our schools and universities...stop the inflow of petro-dollars from Saudi Arabia that is funding the advance of Islam in America...dismantle all Muslim Brother front groups (e.g. CAIR, MSA, NAIT, etc.) in America...educate all Americas to the real threat that Islam and Muslims pose to our great and exceptional nation. - Armed Patriot
Pamela, Pre-ordered your new book "Stop the Islamization of America" from yesterday! You and Robert Spencer are America's first line of defense in our war against the Islamic forces of evil that have arrayed themselves against us at home and are true American Patriots!! - Armed Patriot
Reply to allat: You are correct, LTC Allen West, Congressional Candidate, District 22, Florida understands the threat all Americans face from Islam. His website is :
To all my fellow Americans, What America needs, at this time in her history, are elected representatives, unlike Obama and the majority of Congress and the Senate, who have the moral courage, integrity, knowledge of the truth about Islam, and the backbone to address the Islamic threat America faces today. We are at war with Islam, it is advancing around the world, including a campaign of stealth jihad right here in America. The building of more mosques, especially the Victory Mosque at ground zero, must be halted and reversed. We must educate ourselves about the "truth" of Islam, and not believe the propaganda spewing out of the mainstream media. Fortunately for all Americans we have those brave patriots like Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Geert Wilders, and many, many more who have engaged the enemy on a variety of fronts! We as Americans must rise up to help them, to expose Islam for what it is, a "wolf in sheep's clothing." Knowledge is power, but unfortunately most Americans are still ignorant about Islam and believe that it is "a religion of peace," that there are "moderate" Muslims, and that this "peaceful religion" has been hijacked, twisted, and distorted by Islamic radicals within, none of which are true. There is one such politician who understands the threat Islam poses to America and he is running for U.S. Congress 2010. His name is Vijay Kumar, Republican Candidate, 5th Congressional District, Tennessee. Among his many essays that are posted on his website, there are two in particular that every American should read: 1. Universal Jihad: Radical Islam's Worldwide War on Liberal Democracies 2. The Muslim Mosque: A State Within A State. Mr. Kumar's website is:
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