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I read all these comments here and know I am playing to a hard audience, but what I sense from the comments from the 3rd world "developing nations" are cultural and materialistic envy of a nation that succeeds on so many levels its too long to list here. The reason your countries are still ignorant hell-holes overcome with religious terrorists or narco-gangs is the good people in your countries do not have the backbone needed to band together and defeat them unless you ask for help from the USA. Criticizing the USA won't make your countries (you know who you are) seem greater in comparison. What I sense from some Americans comments are leftist liberal mindsets that think denigrating their own country by cherry-picking criticisms makes them seem somehow elitist, for a short while. Just remember it was knuckle-draggers like me that kept your 1st Amendment right secure all these years, and be thankful you weren't born in a country that would spirit you away at midnight for being such a whinging twat towards your own country. For you (like the gentleman above) who simply type whines about the USA without any facts to substantiate your comments, begone. You are irrelevant. The next time an earthquake hits Haiti, or a huge tidal wave rips into Indonesia, or a massive tidal wave submerges Tacloban, or an Ebola epidemic hits Africa who are you going to call to rescue you with massive amounts of aid, much of it offered from the decks of equally massive aircraft carriers and helicopters that no-one else seems to have handy when it's most needed? Which country came to stop the genocide in Kosovo? Which country is doing what it can to stop the genocide in Iraq? Commie China? Russia? Egypt? Saudi? Somalia? WHO? You only have one choice! And if there were no USA to rescue your miserable skins, do you think...Spain would step up to fill the need? Mexico? Sweden? While self-righteous armchair critics sit back and poke at the USA, we are still exploring outer space, plumbing the worlds deepest oceans, inventing medical cures and giving more to charity than any other nation you can name on planet Earth! (Some of our helicopters going into Aceh to feed and clothe your waterlogged citizens even got SHOT AT! WTF?) I am of the mindset that the USA should stop funding the United Nations and eject all you ungrateful freeloaders off our shores, including the latest ELEVEN MILLION of you who crept in illegally and we just can't kick back out. You KNOW who you are! Go Home! If the USA was anywhere near as bad as this speech says, then WHY are millions still risking their lives to get IN and not OUT? Agreeing with this films premises doesn't make you a social scientist. A broader view of where the USA has been and the potential for where it is going is needed. And sacrifice. I wonder if the writer of that speech or that actor ever served his country and believed in something greater than himself to the point he was willing to risk his life for it. Unless he has, his words would ring untrue to me for that reason alone.
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Nov 10, 2014