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Nancy Bazilchuk
Trondheim, Norway
Freelance science and environmental writer
Interests: I'm a journalist, so I'm curious and interested in nearly everything. And after nearly 25 years in the business, chances are I've written about it, too. But if I have time to move, not sit, then I'd most like to be skiing or hiking. Otherwise, I like to bake and bake with sourdough, too, so I can keep my endorphin junkie husband from looking like he's just skin and bones!
Recent Activity
SEJ's Thursday tour of the Clark Fork River Superfund cleanup sites took us to Butte, home of the immense Berkeley Pit copper mine. Here the abandoned open pit mine contains 40 billion gallons of acidic mine water with a pH of 2.5 -- about the same as vinegar. The water contains the proverbial witches brew of manganese, cadmium, arsenic, copper, and a host of other less scary stuff. The big concern as far as human health goes, is the arsenic, although for fisheries aluminum and zinc can be problematic. Beginning in 1955, the Anaconda Copper Co. extracted 320 million tons... Continue reading
You can’t fly direct from Norway to the US, so coming to Missoula takes me through Amsterdam. Flying in over the fertile northern part of the country on the way to Schiphol Airport, I can’t help thinking about what Holland’s approach to the sea offers us environmental journalists in terms of seeing what it takes to cope with rising sea levels due to global warming. From the air, the Netherlands is a crazy quilt of long slender green plots divided by thin blue fingers of water. These are polders, fields that lie below sea level. They owe their existence to... Continue reading
Hi all, Not sure if I or Barbara Fraser from Peru get the prize for traveling the farthest for the SEJ Conference in Montana, but here I come! I too am a freelance writer and editor, based in Trondheim, Norway. I'm psyched to be coming to Montana to get some encouragement, advice and feedback on a book idea I've got brewing on physical oceanography. The conference means a lot to me as a far-flung freelance -- thank you to the 20-20-20 fellowship folks! This will be my fourth conference and I always come away with new connections, fresh ideas about... Continue reading
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Sep 9, 2010