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Thank you Ted for this review. I cannot find a phone number or contact to add information on previous management failures on the RGC matter and hope you will contact me at 914 967 4970 so we may start a dialogue on this matter and others of importance to our Rye community. Be Well! Bertrand de Frondeville 914 967 4970
Dear Ms. Zeppie, I congratulate you but would very much appreciate a private discussion of the reasons for your early departure. My email is and I am in the phone book
Toggle Commented May 9, 2012 on Zeppie Retires As Osborn Principal at
I found that a follow up posting was necessary to pass through the wordl limit, so I conclude after facts 1 & 2 on excess margins as utterly unnecessary WASTE: ● Eliminating these Excess Margins of $2.3-4.3 million can be done immediately with absolutely NO IMPACT whatsoever ON ANY STUDENT, STAFF OR PROGRAM. Yet, despite repeated urgings, the Board has avoided addressing this plain WASTE issue for years. Our State Comptroller has called them illegal (WSJ 04.29)… If “the people” say NO, a moderate approach is a minimum $1.5 M reduction, enough below “contingency budget” to ensure passage. We are working with the State Comptroller’s Office to ascertain that we have a few years to address the other $0.8-2.8 million of over-taxation, and then discuss other WASTE items worth $7-9 million. There will be money for new science labs, regulation field, and “Return-to-taxpayers” a la Scarsdale, even for seeding squash and crew “clubs”, all to ensure sustainable excellence in education. Any questions? Bertrand de Frondeville, 967 4970
Dear Charmian, Friends, Parents: Try as you may, 3 facts are starkly simple: (this may take 2-3 postings) ● There is $2-4million of outright WASTE in excess margins (actual-audited vs. budget) EVERY YEAR since 2001 on 3 large items alone: Salaries, Benefits, Revenues other-than-Property Tax, as shown on p.6-1 and 10-1 of budget books (Rye Library). This is the range over the past 8 years, averaging $2.6M/y, cumulating to $21M by the last audited year 2009-09, and to $23.7 million when adding this budget’s estimates. Bob Zahm, who recently resigned from the Board after his NO vote, added another $300,000 of smaller items, also ignored by the Board, for a $2.3-4.3M range. ● This $2.3-4.3M over-taxation is all unjustifiable WASTE because there is a huge General Fund Balance of $10.45 million in reserves (30Jun09, p.6-3), far beyond any top rating requirement. This $10.45M includes a $2.74M Undesignated Fund Balance for any emergency. Respectfully submitted, Bertrand de Frondeville, 914 967 4970,
I wish to add that there is a Part 3 detailing the wastes, with a most moderate proposal building up on Trustee Zahm's proposal, to reduce the budget by $1.5M to $4M without impacting any staff, student or program, just by cleaning up the excess margins which State Comptroller diNapoli has called "illegal" anyway... current reserves are $10M, ample enough to meet any emergency and ensure our AAA bond rating.
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May 14, 2010