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Sarah Elizabeth
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Feb 9, 2010
I agree. It's not soemthing you plan, it's something you know..feel. And the age difference..or how old you are? Well thats rediculous. Years ago, we would have been married off having children at our age, so being "young" is hypocrytical. I'm 17 && he is 19. I'm in definite agreement here! ;]
I am in love with a boy who is the same as me, but yet at the same time my COMPLETE opposite. He changes me into such a better person, and as he says I change him into a better... Continue reading
Posted Feb 9, 2010 at Post the Love
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Feb 3, 2010
Maybe girls shouldn't be the only ones watching these.. Starting talk to the men of the world. They need to learn from you! It's material that makes a crap day, into an AMAZING month. :]
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Feb 3, 2010
You let him know first by dropping hints, and then jsut telling him. If he is worth it, and you love's worth telling your feelings flat out! ;]
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Feb 3, 2010
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Feb 1, 2010
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My love story actually seems like it would be in a movie. Umm the guy i'm with right now, him and I have a huge past. He is my brothers best friend, and has been for the past eight years. He is the best friend I thought I would never have a chance with, that he would never be interested in. Well we got pretty close, as best friends. Had "things" here and there, nothing really stuck. Well last year, I had someone as he did too. Well a few months ago we ended up broken up with around the same time. So we got closer and eventually led up to us not being jsut friends anymore. My brother just came home from Iraq, so we were nervous to see what he would say. Though he was quite happy and very supportive. I love this boy, he is the one who has been and always will be there for me. ♥
Feb 1, 2010
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Feb 1, 2010
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Feb 1, 2010