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I loved Woody Allen's Bananas, made before he imagined he had something profound to say about human existence. There's a lot of well-executed physical comedy, with no hint of malice, and accompanied by endearing music from Marvin Hamlisch, available on YouTube, including "Cause I Believe in Lovin'." Louise Lasser was very good too, great timing & very funny.
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There's a ratio of around 20 laudatory adjectives applied to Justice Souter & his jurisprudence, to 0 written opinions cited as examples. That's the most prominent and telling take-way from Geoffrey Stone's post. And what examples could Mr. Stone cite? None come to mind; certainly not the joint opinion in Casey. That opinion is not noted for its constitutional depth or analytical rigor, even among those who favor its result. It is interesting, however, to see Mr. Stone's explanation of the Greenhouse Effect, i.e., the tendency of many Justices to get more liberal. The Effect, says Stone, is due to the inherent virtue of its carriers, when confronted over the years with many examples of injustice. This theory has the great advantage of feeding the vanity of those to whom it is applied, and of anyone else on the Left side of the political spectrum, e.g., Mr. Stone. It's much more satisfying than the original explanation of DC Circuit Court Judge Lawrence Silberman, which is that some judges like to make stuff up in order to conform to elite opinion.
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