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Bruce Abramson
Life during the transition from industrial age to information age.
Interests: Bruce Abramson holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Columbia and a J.D. from Georgetown. He is the President of Informationism, Inc., a San Francisco-based consultancy that helps an international clientele understand the law, the policies, the economics, and the strategic uses of patents, copyrights, and other forms of intellectual property. He also has extensive experience conducting antitrust analyses, damages, remedies, and valuation analyses in both litigation and regulatory settings.
Recent Activity
We are becoming an economy of rent seekers. An opening for new compliance startups is not a good thing. Continue reading
It seems that each new announcement to emerge from the smartphone patent wars generates renewed interest in the press--and with it, the need for quotes from allegedly informed sources. Some members of the press believe those allegations about me. Yesterday, the parties announced that they were entering a mediation session.... Continue reading
Life lessons to take with a grain of salt. Continue reading
In this morning's WSJ, Gordon Crovitz's column is headed "Jimmy Carter's Costly Patent Mistake." Now, Jimmy Carter was and is an embarrassment, a terrible leader, a danger to America and the world, morally bankrupt, and a generally bad human being. So it makes me rather unhappy to rise to his... Continue reading
Yet more press coverage. Continue reading
YouTube version of my seminar: Patent Strategy in the Modern Economy Continue reading
Always nice to get quoted in the press--particularly when I can sound wise for stating the obvious. Here I am on record for two earth-shattering points: 1. Today's jury verdict will not end the battle between Apple and Samsung. 2. Expensive litigation among oligopolists deters competitive entry. Where would we... Continue reading
Next Tuesday, November 5 at 11:30 AM Eastern / 8:30 AM Pacific, I am presenting Patent Strategy in the Modern Economy, the second of my monthly CLE webinars on the broad topic of “Strategy in the Age of IP Holdup.” The talks run one hour each, and are CLE... Continue reading
Here's a great quote: "The defense-friendly Innovation Act, introduced by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) reflects months of negotiations with Silicon Valley business leaders and other tech entrepreneurs eager for litigation protections that go beyond the two-year-old America Invent Act." Negotiations between Congressional representatives and those sitting on... Continue reading
Cross-posted with on October 8, 2013 Technology is subversive. Every few years, a new technology threatens the status quo of one industry or another, and a familiar sequence of events follows. Consumers, users, and some savvy technologists win. The folks dominating the status quo—typically rich, powerful, well-connected folks—start to... Continue reading
Cross-posted with on March 25, 2012 Zynga made news last month when it announced its new gaming platform. The asserted goal is to make social gaming easier. The actual goal is to wean Zynga’s gamers away from Facebook. Understanding this actual goal is critical. The tense but symbiotic relationship... Continue reading
Cross-posted with the Jurist on July 12, 2013 A few months ago, my friend Professor Greg Dolin, MD, JD, Co-Director of the Center for Medicine and Law at the University of Baltimore and Johns Hopkins University, invited me to join his center on an amicus brief to the US Supreme... Continue reading
Cross-Posted at The Jurist on April 30, 2013 The conventional shorthand for the Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad,, argued before the Supreme Court on April 15, 2013, is that it is a dispute about the patentability of human genes. This shorthand is misleading. No one suggests that genes,... Continue reading
I've been a bit delinquent in keeping my press list up-to-date, but here are some links to articles that incorporate my wisdom: 1. From a September 2013 conversation with a Daily Journal reporter named Joshua Sebold on the topic of Bitcoin, see: Dr. Bruce Abramson Discusses Rise of Bitcoins in... Continue reading
A slight edit and update of my May 2005 essay, "Why The Informationist," to accompany the blog's 2013 relaunch. This blog’s seeds were planted in my mind in 1980, during my freshman orientation at Columbia. The core curriculum of Columbia’s undergraduate program introduced us to the great formative works of... Continue reading
I am about to launch a series of monthly CLE webinars through on the broad topic of “Strategy in the Age of IP Holdup.” The talks will run one hour each, and are CLE accredited in many states. Though they all hew to a common theme, I have designed... Continue reading
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