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Bryant Duhon
Interests: monk, hiking, go fish, the occassional barbie tea party, bryant duhon fantasy/science fiction, a recent sopranos convert, real time strategy games on the pc, dogfish head beer, various adult beverages <p>
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Great points, Cheryl. I've been a bit baffled by all of the FUD surrounding Open Sources as well. Seems to me that many ECM vendors hijacked the term ECM and morphed the definition from the essential strategy everyone needs for managing information to a straight technology play. I don't think that did anyone any good in the long term. It also seems like there's been a double hijacking with open source: 1. People see open source and think, "FREEEEEEEEE" 2. Your FUD argument Seems simple to me: it's the ongoing support/maintenance that generates ongoing revenue (proprietary or open source). So, regardless of open source or proprietary, businesses need to do the basic work of identifying their business challenges and THEN finding a product that can address that challenge. The lack of research companies put into finding a good technology platform to manage their content often stuns me. People spend more time researching buying a car than they do the tools to manage their vital corporate information. Coming from AIIM, I 100% agree with point #8 :) Bryant
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Mar 15, 2010
Have content, need control. I like that. I've tried to sum the industry up that succinctly before, but couldn't get it down to 4 words. Bryant
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Why am I not surprised, Jesse :) I've been lumping email management into RM/Discovery issues for the past couple of years. Might make sense to pull it out as its own thing now and again though. Thanks.
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I didn't include RIM professionals for two reasons: I only had one page in print to write the article and, in my mind, RM is a subcategory of ECM. Yes, I know. There are alternative ways of looking at that, but the AIIM assumption is that ECM encompasses RM. Mark, I agree that new terms can drive one crazy and are a waste of time. Sometimes, I think we could label it 'stuff management' and be done. That said, part of my job is attempting to clarify those terms as they begin to pop up. Will EIM have legs? Dunno. Should we stick to ECM? I think so, but I don't have quite the platform others do. As for the rest of your comments: hear, hear, I couldn't agree more. I'm continually baffled at why companies don't spend the time clarifying the value of their information (at least when they begin to embark on some sort of ECM implementation; I totally understand why companies have a hard time doing so in the regular course of business as they try to STAY in business in today's economy.)
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