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Oh, Sarah.. I was the one that said I get bugged by my little ones marking up my walls. I just want to clear that up & say I've never been one to think that you are about anti-wall-kiddo-livin-scuffin.. not at all.. that is great that you have that comfort zone about that! Really it is! :)) I was just sayin' that it drives myself batty.. having to wipe the marks from 4 feet down & that perhaps if I did some beadboard it may be easier for me to de-mark.. the former owner painted the place with flat matte paint & cleaning the walls for me is a chore. I am pretty lazy about cleaning our kiddo marks.. I'm not ontop of that at all.. so they are kinda part of our everyday look. ;)) Just wanted to clear that up with ya doll! Hugs.. XO-Lara
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Oh such prettiness.. the white flowers are such a lovely addition to enhance your new wall look! I am hearin' ya on the whole style thing.. I am of the same mindset as you & I'm making use of what I've got & can do. I love incorporating vintage finds with makeover whites, frosted with a little IKEA jazz. Huge kudos to you on all your DIY talent; you are a very excellent example of a woman taking charge & **making it happen** & I really admire you for that. And I agree that the coastal country chic style (we share a love for it!) is very live-able, not too mention very easy going on the pocketbook. ;)) I have a 3 yo & a 4 yo & I am constantly saying don't touch my walls.. little handprinters..grr. I would love to do BB wallpaper for some easy cleanup. Enough rambling out of my keyboard.. enjoy that new hallway Sarah.. it's so lovely. XO-Lara
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Sarah.. it is absolutely gorgeous!! Love, love, love all that white! A job well done!! How clever of you to add your hooks on the oar!! XO-Lara
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I hope you're having a great Aussie day Sarah. :)) Can't stop swooning over your vintage-processed photos & soup looks great in em too! I've never made broth out of the bone, but you make it sound ridicously easy.. so I think I may do it. Your soup looks like pure comfort. Pretty love.. XO-Lara
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Oh goodness Sarah.. this was so funny! Reading about how Mister BC is looking a bit vintage made me grin from ear to ear. I like your idea about wanting to interview him, but I can certainly understand about not wanting to also. :) I have to tell you, since I have been reading your blog, whenever the Wiggles kid's show comes on.. I think of *you* in sunny Aussie now, whenever they show all the beaches, the Sydney Harbor Bridge, ecetra.. Your blog is so much fun.. just luv it! XO-Lara
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I just love reading about joys like this.. it seriously is about the little things. :) I think I would be swooning over some beachy-frenchy-cottagey knobs too. And I can't stand malls too.. even all the new era outdoor malls here in the midwest usa. I much prefer walking into a thrift shoppe.. not knowing what I'm going to find. I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll do with your new knobs. XO-Lara
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Jun 1, 2010