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Unfortunately, that just isn't true. These restaurants that advertise a "gluten-free menu" cook them in kitchens that are covered in flour, cross-contaminating the so-called gluten-free items. They are also handled by people who have handled gluten-rich foods. They are extremely dangerous to those with celiac because of this false sense of security. If you have celiac, don't trust a restaurant that offers foods that they claim are gluten-free. Real gluten-free cooked foods are made in kitchens that don't use any wheat or barley products. It is indeed impossible to go out to eat. It's made harder by people like these who don't understand how serious this really is. No cross contamination of any kind can be allowed.
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Mar 2, 2011
This is so weird to see this here today. My daughter was just diagnosed two days ago after having an endoscopy last week. It’s so horrifying, I can’t get my mind around all of it yet. My mother is crying every time I call her and we’re all trying to get a handle on it all. It makes a lot of sense, now, looking back on all of her symptoms. Maybe if there was more mainstream knowledge about it out there, I would have caught it before two years of testing for just about everything. Or maybe I should have just spent a couple of years searching the Web for her symptoms instead of trusting doctors to find out what was wrong. I don't know. The problem from here on out is going to be trying to get people to understand. My friends have been telling me things like, “Oh, it’s fine, she can just get a hamburger without a bun when you eat out.” Um, no, it isn’t ok and she can’t do that. She can’t eat out at a restaurant again for the rest of her life. She hasn’t caught on to that quite yet, but she will in the next few years. She can’t go on her big class trip, she can’t go out to eat, she can’t go to other kids’ birthday parties and eat pizza and cake, and someday she won’t be able to let boys take her out to dinner. It isn’t anywhere near ok.
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I don't care what they do with graphics, sound effects or any of it, no game has ever beaten Galaga.You CAN NOT win. There is no winning. There is only how long it takes you to lose.
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Jan 6, 2010