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Northwestern PA
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Thanks so much for your reply! I'm thankful to hear about your experience with the Red Rangers. Perhaps we just need a better method for raising our Cornish Xs (as in enclosures that can be moved every day instead of expecting that they would just free range with the rest of the chickens). I definitely would have given them an A+ for size and pluckability though. And they are real tasty! =)
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We did our first every meat birds this year. We only had 8 to process though. I can't imagine 52! May I ask what breed you raise? We did the cornish crosses but they were such a mess. We're thinking of Red Rangers next year.
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Love that pattern! I just bought a book called "400 Knitting Stitches" which has a bunch of patterns that can be incorporated into various projects, and saw a variety of honeycomb patterns I'd like to try. Oh, and if you haven't already seen the animated short "The Last Knit", you need to see it! I posted it on my blog: or you can just type in the last knit on youtube. It's perfect for those of us who just "need" to knit. Hope you like it!
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Oh how devastating! I can sort of relate to you. We didn't have as many chickens but the hawks decided to make a quick snack of all my silkie hens. I raise them more because it's just so darn cute to watch those silly puffballs run around, and the hens are seriously broody. I had 15 at the beginning of fall and am now down to 4 and only one of those is a crazy little hen. I lost my best brooder, Delilah who wanted nothing more than to raise chicks. She raised two clutches for me this summer and was a fierce mother. We have other chickens for eggs (not that the silkies don't lay eggs; they're just small and mostly yolk), but I sure do miss my little silkies. It's a horrible feeling to lose your animals. Especially since it was a livelihood for you. But as you said, this comes with the farming territory, doesn't it? Well, spring IS right around the corner (even though these subarctic temperatures tell us otherwise). I can't wait to hear about all the new chicks you will get this year!
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Jan 9, 2011
Wonderful book, Abi! Thanks for sharing! And thanks for posting a link to make your own. All my pics are in cyberspace too. My mom always wants to see an album, and I think this might just be the best possible marriage of both.
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My husband broke out in terrible hives this fall when he harvested our sunflowers. It was the only thing we could have come up with that he was in contact with. Fortunately for your husband, it went away quickly. My husband had the hives for two days! Guess I'll be harvesting the sunflowers from now on, or we bundle him up good. Love the galvanized bucket! Is it a re-plantable tree?
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Oh how I appreciate your post! We had wanted to raise a few meat birds this summer but didn't think we had room with all the new chicks that we let hatch. We did however end up with a few roosters which couldn't stay. We processed only one. I didn't intend to cook him. He was a small thing, but a friend of mine who was over at the time said, "why don't you put him in your crock pot?" So there I stood in my kitchen, tears running down my face as I held this handsome rooster. Then outside we went to process him. Most people don't realize the mass of emotions that go through you during such an event. I don't like to kill either, but it's how nature works. In the end, I couldn't eat him (partly because I wasn't sure if we processed him right). But my dog sure enjoyed him for a few days! =) Next year we will try again for the meat chickens specifically. I wonder, when did we become so removed from where our food comes from? I'm determined to get get back to the basics of growing, processing, and storing our own food. This year was a pretty good start! Oh! And we finally got our first alpaca! Go see her! ( She's such a sweetheart. She is expecting her second cria next September and I couldn't be more excited! Happy Belated Birthday!
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So, so very glad to see Kimba doing well! I couldn't believe it when I read awhile back what you vet had said. Happy to see Kimba prove him wrong!
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Hmmm....are these the same thing as Japanese Lanterns; often dried and used as decorations in the fall? I have a bunch of those growing and have often wondered if they were edible as they look like mini tomatillos (only orange once they change color).
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What a neat gift! It captures all the elements of your farm life so perfectly!
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I would also like to hear about that crust! =) I love agave too and can't wait to try this recipe! I have to tell you Abi, I found you blog when you got Jenna's Finn for awhile. It was all over when I saw that you got alpacas (which we're planning on getting), and knitted. You post such great ideas and projects! I had to re-teach myself to knit this winter. Now I'm knitting through a book called Amigurumi Knits by Hansi Singh. If you're not familiar with it, check it out. I posted it on my blog: Thanks for all the great reads! =)
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It's hard to pick just one vintage item that I love. There are so many great things about 'old and used'. Everything has a story to tell and someone to tell it about. So much simplicity. My current favorite vintage item would be a mushroom designed hand towel that I got from my husband's grandmother in reds, blues, and yellows. I'm a sucker for the mushrooms.
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Apr 23, 2010