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We always use the metaphors of technology to assist us in understanding the self and the universe. John Daugman goes over the history of this in a classic paper: "Brain Metaphor and Brain Theory". But perhaps the dismissal of this kind of metaphor goes to far? Language can be thought of as a social technology. If it is absurd for technology to 'just happen' to mirror the ultimate nature of reality, doesn't this also apply to any attempt to characterize the universe? After all, these attempts all deploy the latest concepts, which, like technology, are a product of their era. We may be on better footing if we attack the concept of 'probable', because there is a great deal of woolly-mindedness lurking under the surface here. Most people have no idea what the probability of a unique event really means. The reference class problem gets to the heart of this confusion:
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Jun 15, 2016