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The computers have allowed managing vast amounts of data, accelerating everything we do, in all aspects in our life. However, it has also multiplied the presence of empty information. We are bombarded with media like never before. This provides distractions when we work our tasks. It is now a matter of cost and developing speed to reach the 'humanlike intelligence'. This paper gives you an idea of where we stand: Intelligence is much different than knowledge. Humans have the experiences of their life to determine what is right and what is wrong. Developing a Moral Compass. Machines need to be aupplied with this information. We can copy data, but a human conscience? There is still a long way to go there. A machine has all the information available but needs to be instructed on what to do. And humans shouldn't lose access to this knowledge. Success is being achieved in chess, with the Deep Blue computer series. But this is knowledge measured in optimized calculations per second. Human shortcuts gained by experience is a different story. Regarding the subject, a Butlerian Jihad is central to the Dune novels, when humans uprise to a machine enslaving society:
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Sometimes I wonder the same thing. I never expected the Alcantarilla to receive comments since it publishes scientific curiosities and is cumbersome and linky. It was not designed to be commented much upon. It is like a vent to purge ideas that just don't fit elsewhere. The feedback from the comments sparks interesting discussions and serve to generate future articles or gain new insight to an existing issue. In fact, the comments on other blogs allow me to switch the technical expert image I have at the Alcantarilla. It is fun to join in the conversation. Many curious remarks I have made end up on other blogs. I think you have the solution: make comments on the different blogs and see if they respond. If they do, the opportunity appears, if not, it's their loss. It is a community after all.
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Apr 21, 2010