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Ha, ha, ha... I'm 42 and to this day, my mum keeps saying my sister and I never looked better than when she would pick our clothes. I've always found it pleasantly surprising how Mazzy would wear beautiful dresses and matching clothes when the mommy bloggers seem to be competing over whose daughter will wear more mismatched items of clothing.
I saw the comment about preschool on Facebook yesterday. I sincerely cannot understand why that woman follows you. Or maybe she just joined your blog and doesn't know you yet. You are always very graceful dealing with comments though, I would find it hard to hold my tongue. Please, please, don't let those types of comments change the tone of your blog. Seinfeld left us years ago and you're my current daily dose for laughs and sarcasm.
Toggle Commented Mar 8, 2013 on Pee, Preschool and Terrorism at Mommy Shorts
I can't wait to hear your results. I'm very surprised about the 4 hour gap between nap and bedtime routine. My daughter falls asleep in 5 minutes at nap time but then takes, on average, an hour to fall asleep at night. I thought it was be because she is not tired enough. Now in winter it's difficult to go out and let them get tired so I've been waking her up earlier from her nap so that she's more tired at night. Sounds like I'm wrong. Very glad to hear this can be worked out over the phone, might consider Erin's services very soon, although she may faint when she hears I put Nat down at 10pm... We live in Spain and it's quite normal over here. Best of luck, we are all rooting for you.
Toggle Commented Feb 28, 2013 on Toddler Sleep Rehab at Mommy Shorts
I just made a donation, what a beautiful website they have created. Thanks for bringing this story to our attention.
I read it is only a 3 hour lapse, I mean, only one feed and diaper change, and no nap..?? Surely this is a one off by the dad, no one can keep this up... All throughout the video I was thinking, will we see the mum's reaction when she gets home and finds this mess? And then.... He goes and tidies up! Sorry, don't buy it!
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Jan 8, 2013