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Heather Copeland
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Trekkie, 'Wars fan, Knitter, Brownie Leader, Executive Assistant. I wear many hats (just like ZQ!)
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I don't care if they're not yours - steal them! They're amazing pants!!
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I can't have replied better if I copied and pasted every response here. Much love and tons of respect.
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Much respect for your decision, Zach. Love from Canada, H
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That sounds like one of the most complex and interesting characters ever. I hope it airs in Canada!
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I'm currently watching the 11th season of ER. I had a severe bout of insomnia last night and got through season 10. It's not quite inspiring, but it makes me marvel at the budget that the show had.
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Jun 28, 2011
As a Canadian..... So confused.
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I'm on there! You can find me as beaukat.
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I had to give my kitty away today (she needed surgery I couldn't afford), so I really appreciate cat-love posts. Mac, wherever you are right now - I hope that your surgery goes well and Bella loves you as much as I did.
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Blocked in Canada as well. :( Sadface.
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Zach, you are a total gentleman. So gracious. Sad I didn't get to see your play while I was there, but from what I hear you and the cast are absolutely amazing. Best Regards for the new year!
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Hi ZQC! Just found out that me and my girls are going to NYC the weekend of Nov 19th!! It'll be my first time going to the actual city. Any hints and tips on cheap-ish places to stay, things to... Continue reading
Posted Sep 1, 2010 at Zachary Quinto
While I haven't been here the whole year (it's only been a year??) I look forward to checking in and seeing what's up with BtD and my fellow followers. It's amazing that you're as involved with this place as you are; so Zach, thank YOU for being so great to your fans. I look forward to seeing whats in store in the future! Good luck to you and the guys, and see you around. -H
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rolling in the dough, eh Zachary?
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I missed my fireworks for Canada Day. Thanks for bringing them to me, ZQ!
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I don't have anything special to post in regards to photos or videos, but happy birthday to Zach, regardless! Continue reading
Posted Jun 2, 2010 at Zachary Quinto
See, I like to think I'm rather well-read and then Zach pops out one of these shining pearls of wisdom. Goes great with my mood for today, though!
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Zach, while Sylar/Gabriel was the first role that brought you to my attention, your proven work as Spock and your work with BTD has been inspiring. I'm sure that anyone who is a fan of you will be right behind you as you lead the charge into your future career. Best of luck as you move forward, and we'll be watching! -Heather
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I can mention it to my boss on Wednesday before he leaves - He's kind of a big Spacey fan :)
Stopping in to say hello! ... And to wish Mr. Spacey and Zach good luck with getting Margin Call to Cannes. Now I'm REALLY jealous that my bosses get to go and I don't. Such is life in the 'biz.... Continue reading
Posted May 10, 2010 at Zachary Quinto
@JacharyQuinto also spawned @ZohnTheCho, @BILLIAMSHATNER and @TheRealVimoy. I didn't know about Corey's beard. I'll have to get on that!
@ Aims It could have, and the fireman who was taking up people was telling us to check our ceilings and it was really exciting for him. One guy he was taking to the 30th floor (one under the roof) and the guy was just glaaaaaaaaaring at him, so hard.
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2010 on 260 Queens Quay Fire.mp4 at Zachary Quinto
The building I live in. We were really lucky that there isn't fire damage anywhere but the roof. There's smoke damage on the top two floors, and the whole building is on water-damage alert. They've permanently shut off the gas until they figure out the cause of the fire (which could take a week!!) so there's no hot water or heat. or AC, because the fire was concentrated near the Heating/AC unit. At least I can still sleep there.
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Apr 30, 2010
I'm entirely jealous of your ability to go see these shows. If there's one thing I love more than movies, it's live theatre - and although Toronto has it's own merits theatrically, it'll never be Broadway. Have fun, and keep reporting! :D
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