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Regardless of how many Jordanians support terror, they sure never marched when Zarqawi was slaughtering Iraqis
Toggle Commented Nov 11, 2005 on Short Takes at ShrinkWrapped
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Did u know that the Dems' 2000 national platform called for restoring the so-called Fairness Doctrine, so as to silence AM talkradio voices they can't compete with? In other words, since the public is rejecting their views, they want the govt to step in & regulate private radio stations as if they are publicly funded
Toggle Commented Nov 8, 2005 on The Mediacrats High Wire Gamble at ShrinkWrapped
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Right, but reality still has a way of hitting you over the head. In the Thirties, there was a massive & similarly vacuous 'antiwar' movement in England, that saw the British Tories as the worst devils on the planet. They went on chanting for England's unilateral disarmament right up to the outbreak of WWII - & then it all evaporated.
Toggle Commented Nov 7, 2005 on The Descent of the Left at ShrinkWrapped
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Yes, & particularly dangerous because the war (ie, real soldiers risking real lives) is only of interest to the Left as a means to score political points. In the midst of tectonic, world-changing events, myopic liberals are obsessed with Valerie Plame (a CIA WMD operative so secretive that she didn't mind her husband writing a Times oped about a WMD mission she herself had sent him on!) because it might be a chance to get Bush. And they end up either ignoring or making common cause with Islamofascists because they've already projected all their anxieties onto the mythic authority figure of George Bush (as in "I'm not afraid of Osama, I'm afraid of Bush"), & because liberalism's whole approach of splinter politics (telling women, gays, minorities that the Right is out to GET them) doesn't work if there's a real common enemy to all Americans.
Toggle Commented Nov 5, 2005 on The Descent of the Left at ShrinkWrapped
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I know a law prof at UC who - like Krugman, his idol - projects all of his anxieties onto the mythic authority figure of George Bush. Last November, he was hysterically making plans to leave the country should Bush win. I brought up the issue of 'displacement' & asked if his therapist had ever commented on this. He said his therapist agreed with him & was thinking of leaving the country too. I suggested it might be time to terminate that relationship, & he never spoke to me again.
Toggle Commented Oct 8, 2005 on The "Paranoid Style" Re-visited at ShrinkWrapped
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