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Walter Bebirian
Walter Paul Bebirian, a world-renowned photographer/artist, has been creating works of art since 1958.
Interests: Infinite Generation FluctuatingAbstract ionism Although what appears to be reality today is based on such of yesterday, there is more and more, due to the use of the ideas, material and systems that have evolved, a rather new divergence from that reality into what I see as a FluctuatingAbstract ionism. A FluctuatingAbstract ionism both in the sense of something that exists as an idea and as a state of preoccupation. Preoccupation being the state of being preoccupied or engrossed with something - deriving from anticipating and meeting objections beforehand. This simply follows from the great degree to which cultures and peoples are necessarily mixing in environments oftentimes much too close in proximity to each other to lead to anything but an extreme: an air of preoccupation pensiveness, concentration, engrossment, absorption, self-absorption, musing, thinking, deep thought, brown study, brooding; abstraction, absentmindedness, distraction, forgetfulness, inattentiveness, woolgathering, daydreaming. And so with this we are in an era of FluctuatingAbstract ionism ion noun an atom or molecule with a net electric charge due to the loss or gain of one or more electrons. These ions are in my definition representing individuals acting as if they are held together with a net electric charge due solely to their current preoccupation or concentration whatever that might be.
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well Steve - it seems that the art of anything is always a difficult concept for any structured system to begin even thinking about teaching - and the question has often been asked as to whether any art is something that can actually be taught - and this may be perhaps because to do anything in an artful way actually requires a very relaxed settled into mode which is in contradiction to the overall educational system that has been entrenched in so much of the society that we are living in - However, now that we are living in the Information Age and headed towards Infinite Generation with the Idea Age this type of thinking and training and education if it can be called that is slowly being dropped and perhaps some movement in the direction of the non industrial type of education is beginning to show up as is exemplified by your course being introduced in at least one institution and soon to be followed by others as well - all the best to you in all that you do! thank you! Walter
Allison - we create our thoughts and our thoughts create our beliefs and our beliefs create our reality - for whoever thinks that they are Indispensable this turns into their belief and this belief then turns into their reality - which is fine until the original thinking begins to change for whatever reason - changing the beliefs and then changing the reality - Walter :-)
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May 28, 2010