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You have a wonderful talent for making beautiful and, surely, delicious pies! Your crust is excellent--happens to be the same ratios used by Meghan at the West End Bakery in Asheville, NC, and she, too, has mastered the art of the flaky crust. Thanks so much for making the NY Times video, which will come in very handy soon. Right now, I'll be sticking to your "skinny" cookbook recipes; in three weeks I'll be wearing a maid of honor dress that just arrived.
Meg, wishing you and your beautiful family blessings and good things both in the coming weeks, months, years. The ancient Greeks believed that what is written is fate, and so you will have that four-hour delivery and the prayers of all the people whose hearts you touch in your writings. I'm not yet a sewer and yet everytime I've stopped by your blog, hope of what is to come fill me from head to toe. Thank you.
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Dec 17, 2010
Just reading your gift guide everyday and my ensuing culinary daydreams are a lovely Christmas gift, thank you! I'm seriously considering this waffle iron now. I was about to go out and buy Williams Sonoma All-Clad electric one for a hefty $129. And there's no chance that new fangled one will be working in 40 years. The Fauchon tea sounds dreamy, too. I don't think I can resist it any longer while needing to, as you wrote, "remember how the air smells when it snows" from here in Florida. We must be some kind of sisters, since I, too, am a breakfast freak and am drinking in everything on your list.
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Dec 17, 2010