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Just wanted you to know that I thought the blog was really good! And also that I enjoyed it - but I felt the writer had really hit on something. In the quest to "beat the clock" the customers are the ones who suffer the most. Why would you want to show your corporate office how fast you can get customers through the line, but treat them so that they won't come back? The gal with the braids - the one near my office offers great service and you know you're going to get through their line quickly. BUT each time, I've been made to feel that I can take as long as I need - that MY needs were important. I'm not sure how their manager trains their employees, but this one store has it right!! I thought Mack-ee D's had it right when they put an order taker outside. I like the face to face contact and hate to speak into a box. When did we let our lives get out of control to the point that we practically throw our money to people who treat us like a "transaction"? Yikes!!
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Mar 11, 2011
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Mar 11, 2011