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"Am I reading this right? $30 million per picture? So, just 10 films will cost Netflix as much as the entire Starz library would have? That's nuts!" That's not why Starz fell apart. Netflix was willing to drop $300 million. Starz wanted premium tier above for their content. Like how people pay a extra fee for Blu Rays. That's where Netflix balked.
Geez people its not like Netflix had a bog press release touting this deal saying this was apart of their big deals they will be announcing in the coming months. Not everything has to be big blockbusters.
Sad that Netflix has to keep dealing with all this whining that's been going on. The complaining from people is pathetic. $9.99 for streaming AND a DVD was an insane deal. To expect that to go on forever and they somehow get the latest content is ridiculous. Netflix is still a good deal with no real competitors IMO. Redbox, Blockbuster, Amazon, iTunes all have plenty of caveats to them also.
Count me as another one who actually just watches the show. If its not worth my attention the why have it on?
Netflix has said Starz content is about 8% of streaming now. Starz may have been important early on when streaming first started but its not the must have for Netflix now. At least not at what Starz wants which was apparently a premium tier of streaming.
The deal doesn't actually run out until February so there's plenty of time to still make it work. I think this is just Starz trying to play hardball to get more money. I highly doubt in the end they would walk away from the reported $200 million a year Netflix could be giving them.
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Sep 2, 2011