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becky kemery
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Hi Jeff, Yes, you can build a conventional stick frame first floor under the yurt. Years ago I visited a community in Arlington, Washington where they had used that approach with numerous fabric yurts. It's handy for storage or extra rooms, a wood stove and wood supply, root cellar storage (if partially earth bermed), etc. I also have friends who live in a yurt with a circular first floor formed out of concrete (see the very first post on this blog, "A Yurt dinner.."). The walls are concrete and the radiant heated floor is concrete as well, with a 30-foot Pacific yurt on top. It's very comfortable. Of course the easiest route is a simple deck around the yurt and a yurt platform just a couple of feet off the ground (which creates a crawl space for installing plumbing or electricity through the floor, if you so choose). Or, to see a pie-shaped platform set on concrete blocks, go to "Lar's Yurt Page" at Good luck with your yurt project, becky
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