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I, too, use an Olympus digital recorder, but only when I have a sit-down interview or something lengthy. For on-the-fly interviews when people talk fast, I made up my own shorthand, which is a plus because if my notes ever get subpoenaed nobody will be able to decipher them. :) It basically consists of letters as abbreviations, like "r" for are or our, "D" for defendant (I cover court), "v" for very, which I stole from Bridget Jones's Diary, and various others. As long as you can read the shorthand, even if they are scribbles on a page, it helps.
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I read the New Yorker every week and try to keep up with Harpers, the Atlantic and Entertainment Weekly, which has some great writers. Since I write about crime and court I like reading crime novels -- you can learn a lot about good dialogue from writers like Patricia Cornwell and Elmore Leonard. And I re-read my favorite books, especially Catch-22, my all-time favorite.