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Becky Willoughby
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I have to admit in the early days finding it hard to be civil to be my ex in front of the kids on one infamous occasion slammed his fingers in letter box when he was being threatening (police sided with me!). Now I don't stop him contacting the kids but he doesn't bother as he can be traced electronically to try and get maintenance! I never say horrid things about their dad in front of the kids if I can help it. I will no longer send stuff to him as his new partner "loses" it...
Toggle Commented Jun 14, 2011 on Single Mums: Suck It Up. at Who's the Mummy?
I'm trying not to do the same at DD's new school! So far (touch wood) only call from school was because they couldn't read some of the information I'd written on her registration form..
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Sep 24, 2010