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Interests: middle east peace, literature, cities and gardens, urban life, spirituality, coexistence, cultures of the middle east, cooking, hiking, children, environment, ecology, permaculture, sustainable development
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Mar 15, 2010
I am REALLY glad you dodged the bullet and I am happy for your good fortune: house, belly, child, mom, everything!
Toggle Commented May 6, 2009 on Fortunate One at Socal Mom by Donna Schwartz Mills
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On the subject of tea - you have posted about making chai at home, haven't you? It's just tea with cinnamon and other spices, in proportions that vary from family to family and country to country. I drink Yemeni-style tea which is subtler than the commercial chai blends you can buy; I really don't like the overly strong cinnamon flavors in the commercial stuff. And my school-aged son just loves kettle tea, which I learned to drink from my WASP grandmother. Hot water with milk and sugar. My son thinks it's so great to have an after-dinner hot drink while mom & dad are drinking decaf. When they're sick with a cough I make them hot lemon & orange juice with water and plenty of honey. Here in California in the winter, the citrus is free for the taking. I've got a bag full of juice oranges we harvested on the walk home from school.
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A young "hot" literary star teaching in my grad program 3 years ago used to drink tea from a mason jar. We didn't ask. Because of you I have been keeping glass jars for storage around the house much more assiduosly. I also acquired large pickle jars for storing flour and other dry staples. But I have not yet graduated to carrying a glass jar for to go tea and coffee. OTOH I tend to drink these at home anyway. I also just bought a bunch of thrift store plates to use at birthday parties for cake etc. We have been off disposable plates for a couple of years now but I decided to acquire 2d hand cake plates rather than continuing to use my best china for our boisterous sons and friends... The local Botanic Garden is hosting a Mad Hatter's Tea Party for Valentine's Day at $15 a head. I want to do similar at home for my sweet kids & friends... crazy mismatched plates, striped tablecloth, chamomile tea and "kettle tea" (hot water, cream and sugar).
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