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Wow. I had never seen her Oscar acceptance speech - literally brought me to tears. I love Sandra Bullock. Always Have, always will. And I firmly believe her husband is a douche.
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YAY! I do love the free stuff ;)
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I didn't see the Miss USA Pageant, and I am very very much for gay marriage. If this is the reason she lost, then she had a very tenuous hold on the title to begin with, and she needs to shut up about it. All of that having been said, I do feel for her. She got asked a very difficult, very controversial question, and was bound to rile up SOMEBODY no matter her response.
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As someone who has done the "rush home for a crisis" before, I will say that you will never regret that decision. Every moment you spend with your parents is precious and the knowledge that you care enough to be there when they're hurting is invaluable to them. I am keeping your family in my prayers - I hope everything works out the way it is meant to.
Toggle Commented Jan 19, 2009 on All That Your Heart Can Take at amalah . com
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You are so allowed to have those moments - don't beat yourself up over it! You're worried about your son, no one should give you a hard time over that. Enjoy your weekend and drink your wine :) Everything can be taken care of on Monday!
Toggle Commented Nov 21, 2008 on Let Your Guilt Flag Fly at amalah . com
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Hey - you have to do what's right for you. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, and no explaining necessary. Congratulations! You're going to have another beautiful little boy in just a couple of months!
Toggle Commented Jul 24, 2008 on 28 Weeks & No -Ish at amalah . com
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I have to say, I am one of those people who enjoys the showering/getting ready routine. It never even occurred to me that people DON'T like it. That having been said, your description of the routine makes it sound MUCH more difficult than mine. I may hate it once I have a toddler to chase around :)
Congratulations!!! I will keep you all in my prayers that everything goes perfectly :)