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That buttermilk dressing sound super yummy. I can attest to the delicata being really really easy to work with and definitely tasty. I had hunks of it with some fresh garlic cloves roasted underneath a pork top loin roast recently. For Thanksgiving at my mom's this year, I brought a squash gratin: I slice a bunch of it very thinly on a mandolin, dip the slices in cream and milk that's been heated just to a light boil with some sage and rosemary snipped into it, then layer the slices into a buttered casserole with thinly sliced red onions and cheddar cheese, red pepper flakes and fresh chopped garlic, then keep layering and pour the rest of the cream over, top with shredded Parmesan and bake, covered tightly for about 45 mins and 15 with the cover off til the top is bubbling and the squash is tender. I've also done it with butternut slices (takes a bit longer to bake). This salad looks to be the business. Going to try it next time I get my hands on some delicata (which we have lots of between Sept and January here in Minnesota)
Yay! Thank you! It's a good post to remember. I was reading your blog for a few weeks at that point (I started from the beginning after I found you), and was very happy to see that, even though by then, it'd been awhile ago :)
Oh my goodness, this sounds fabulous. Hi, I'm new here. Well, I have been reading your blog since about August...I found you quite by (happy) accident when I was reading about Marcella Hazen's smothered cabbage over at Food52 and for some reason, wound up here reading about yours. Incidentally, I think I was searching online for more that could be done with cabbage besides stir-fries and slaws, and am utterly happy to have found you, for I NEED to tell you that because of your blog (which I really love) I have made Bess Feignbaum's Cabbage Soup twice, now! It's not even a recipe that appealed to me initially, but here in St. Paul, it's already wintry out, and we have needed something to warm us up! I even have your Berlin Kitchen book on my Amazon wishlist in hopes that someone will buy it for me--although I probably will do it, anyway, LOL. I promise, I'm not stalking you :P Blessings and hugs from Minnesota!
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How very cool. Thank you for sharing!
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Nov 29, 2015