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How lovely! I often find that I am missing from our photo albums, because I am the one who documents the big and not so big events in our life. And now with a wee one, I seem to appear even less frequently. I would love to find my way back into pictures again, and to document myself at this time in my life.
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I am always a fan of polka the big dots is my favorite...and it would match the rosy cheeks of my wee one.
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We are moving into our new apartment in a week, and I will be sharing sewing space in my daughter's bedroom. I spent many hours of my childhood plopped on the bed in my mom's sewing room, watching old movies, and watching her sew a doll, a dress, a patch on, for me. It is my turn now, and this book is full of many afternoon's worth of projects to inspire my wee one's imagination, and to keep my sewing machine humming away for her.
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How lovely, and how perfect for my first winter back in Portland!
Toggle Commented Nov 5, 2010 on cardigan giveaway at frolic!
I have always loved the Winter Wonderland card, because it captures what I love most about the holidays.
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Mar 15, 2010