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This is great. I'm writing an editorial for my blog on this EXACT subject and have stacking quotes to illustrate my point. This one is definitely getting added.
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OneSheet is a pretty great tool. We used it during the Beta program for one of our clients and get good feedback from people we sent it to. It works really real for bands who need to create a clean, presentable EPK to the press, labels, etc. Looking forward to the feature enhancements!
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The price is pretty steep for someone without a nice marketing budget, but it looks like it could be a great promotional tool if used correctly.
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The initial Billboard Pro offering didn't really add a lot of value to DIY musicians. Considering the fact that there are already tools to use as an analytics dashboard like Next Big Sound and sites like this that provide case studies and how-to guides, Billboard Pro seemed like a late addition to the game. The biggest value seemed to be the potential to get a mention in Billboard Magazine (it's not necessarily "pay to play", but it's pretty close). Also, I stopped one of my clients from signing up for the service when I saw the MySpace Music account requirement. I can understand the service's needs for a central social network to gather information from, but the fact that they chose MySpace Music showed how out of touch they are with the DIY/Independent music industry.
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Alex White of Next Big Sound - Analytics are going to become more and more useful in the coming years, especially with increasing DIY and direct-to-fan sales. Next Big Sound has a great suite of tools. Yancey Strickler of Kickstarter - Great way for musicians to raise money and engage their fans.
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Dec 21, 2010