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Chrztalia Belladio Stelamo
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1 Enter me oh Spirit of God and help me sleep in peace, for this polemic fray of unworthiness would suspend in time from whence it came. 2 Inside a little glimpse of promise I shall sanctify the guilt of past and seek to know the meaning of Thy sacred... Continue reading
Posted Jul 29, 2011 at Chrztalia Belladio Stelamo's blog
Chrztalia 44 8's blog: Search My vision of The NSP came at a very young age as I watched poverty all over the TV and could not understand why I could not post some food. Now I have a voice and I now; this moment I roar like a lion... Continue reading
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When I was 7 I questioned my priest about the many types of religions in my primary school including atheist. We had Prespyterian, Methodist, Anglican and Catholic. I was bundled in with the Catholics but snuck into the different classrooms to find out a major question I had in my head. I called upon my priest and asked him and he said something about their being many ways to decipher the bible. I knew that was illogical and told him so. It was then that he gave me a miracle as he gently said "Just have faith - that's all - faith and I have never forgotten it. As a child I remember the coloured danger Molded chalk that rescued pain Float in herbal rage The infultration of another Creation enters That never showered fear........ Continue reading
Posted Jul 28, 2011 at Chrztalia Belladio Stelamo's blog
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Jul 28, 2011