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Bella Ramos
Dallas, TX
Beauty comes from within
Interests: singing, dancing, coffee, reading, blogging, travel, movies, photography, pizza, running, apple martinis, frozen yogurt, cupcakes, comfort food, journals
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Merry Christmas love!!! I'm thankful you and I met through the blogosphere and I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for you and yours
Toggle Commented Dec 24, 2013 on Merry Christmas!! at Vodka and Soda
Aww your daughter looks so cute! Very nice tree BTW. Oooh! I have watched Arrow but I kinda got bored and stopped watching it but I think I'll pick it back up when I'm on vacay cuz he is hot to look at. I'm trying to get into Masters of Sex, it's been in my app to watch but I haven't gotten around to it, heard good things though. There's also the new Bonnie & Clyde show I also wanna see but again haven't gotten around to it. Witches of East End is a new show I started watching and it's pretty good. Good job on keeping up with your workouts. I fell off the wagon and not sure if I'll get back at it this week, haha. I love that gif! Paj-overalls seem legit. I love your outdoor tree decoration! Your house is beautiful and the snow makes it look majestic. I want a sweater dress! You better wear that thing! Haha, you crack me up about Adam. At first I was thinking you were talking about gay boy Adam Lambert and then I realized it was Adam from Maroon 5. Don't judge me because I don't have TV so I don't watch The Voice! LOL It makes perfect sense to take advantage of sales for the sake of not having to pay for shipping. I want this leopard/safari bedroom set but the shipping is $20 and I'm so mad! I even have Amazon Prime and I still have to pay for $20 shipping? The fuck I look like?! LOL
Toggle Commented Dec 18, 2013 on humpday confessions at Vodka and Soda
Haha! Adam Levine is very hot indeed. I also don't buy celeb mags either but if I would've seen that mag, I would have done the same thing. 10% body fat? Glad that you checked in with Dr. Google on that because now it helped you put it into perspective. I used to know a girl back in college who would work out like a maniac and was pretty thin and she couldn't even achieve a six pack. This was before Dr. Google came around though so she probably didn't get the memo. Glad you did! I lost 2 pounds when I checked the scale this morning! Yay! I just gotta stick with it. Good for you for being toned, I'm jelly but I'm getting there :)
Toggle Commented Dec 11, 2013 on humpday confessions at Vodka and Soda
No worries! I'm trying to keep up with comments too!
You know, now that you mention it, very possible! LOL Yessss! I am pinching myself because I can't believe she lives in Dallas!! :)
Toggle Commented Dec 4, 2013 on humpday confessions at Vodka and Soda
LOL I am right there with you on the stretchy sweater and leggings because that's exactly what I'm wearing today since I am on my period.. ughh. But I make it look good because my leggings are leopard and my sweater is comfy from NY&Co, holla! Also, blogland is constantly on my mind too. I also get excited when a blogger I like replies back to me. As a matter of fact, today Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars asked me if I would be open to doing a Dallas blogger meetup. I am ecstatic just like Buddy in that gif!! :) HAHA! " possible would be to build a washing machine that does your laundry and fold it. bitches gotta have priorities and get shit done." Hell yeah let me know what he says! lol So excited to be doing this linkup with ya girlie!
Toggle Commented Dec 4, 2013 on humpday confessions at Vodka and Soda
Oh gotcha! That's crazy.
Toggle Commented Dec 3, 2013 on canadian education at Vodka and Soda
I hope I make it into the Surprise Biatch randomizer! haha. Great job at your workout routine being switched up and you noticing your endurance growing. That's awesome! I'm going back to the gym tonight after being a rebellious little punk and not going last week due to the holiday.
Toggle Commented Dec 3, 2013 on random confessions at Vodka and Soda
Chocolate Truffle Creamer? Yes please! I bought a Pumpkin Spice one the other day but prior to that I was buying a Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks almost every day and that shit does add up! No bueno! I will definitely hunt that one down, thanks girlie! OMG, I am gonna watch Walking Dead tonight! I didn't get around to it but I'm excited now and I will re-comment and let you know my thoughts. May even do a blog post! So here are my answers: what's your favorite color? Pink what's your favorite nail color? OPI Black Cherry Chutney what's your favorite makeup brand? MAC what's your can't-live-with-out winter item? Scarves coffee or tea? Coffee shirt size? Medium do you have long hair or short hair? Long hair As far as selling my stuff, I normally give it away or donate it. I never thought about selling but if I do I wouldn't mind posting it on my blog or eBay.
Toggle Commented Dec 3, 2013 on tuesday word vomit at Vodka and Soda
Dude, you are my hero (heroine?). This is the funniest shit I've read in a long time. I'm gonna have to share in on my Facebook! LOL #3 and #4 had me dying! Awesome post and very realistic.
Bwahaha! You are too funny. Setting your house on fire and your loins are on fire? LMAO *dead* I will give it to you though, he IS dreamy. Totally agree about the whole weight loss debacle. People need to think smart and not take shortcuts. Things like losing weight take time, at least a good 6 months. Yeah I don't follow that many mommy blogs, just a select few. Even when I become a mom one day I don't think I'll be a mommy blogger. Just not my cup of tea. Love this humpday confession post! :)
Toggle Commented Dec 3, 2013 on humpday confessions at Vodka and Soda
Oooh you changed your blog's layout! I love it! Well, let's see.. I've heard you guys have free health care, not sure if that's 100% true. I've also heard people are nicer because sometimes at my job I have to call Canada and it's about fifty fifty. Some folks are nice, some aren't especially if they only speak French. I love me some Drake, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling and definitely Rachel McAdams! I've never had poutine, but it looks good! LOL
Toggle Commented Dec 2, 2013 on canadian education at Vodka and Soda
You hit the nail on the head on all these points! I didn't start connecting with other bloggers until this year and I see just how important it is and I feel like it has helped me to be a better blogger because of it. Haha, I love your gifs, especially the Jim Carrey one. I'm like you, I'm not afraid to cuss and if no one likes it then I am also an equal opportunity offender! LOL I added your blog to my Blogs I LOVE section on my sidebar :) Bella @ Dateless in Dallas
Toggle Commented Nov 26, 2013 on shit bloggers think about at Vodka and Soda
Hey girl! Found your blog through A Dash of Quirky. Love your posts so far, definitely following :) Bella @ Dateless in Dallas
Toggle Commented Nov 9, 2013 on things i ain't got time for at Vodka and Soda
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Apr 9, 2011
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Nov 27, 2010
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Sep 30, 2010
Sounds like a plan! Share the cucumber yogurt recipe mask!
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2010 on solo girlie night at it's like spring cleaning...
I don't get why guys can be so clueless! my gosh! I can completely relate to what you're going through though because there's that part of you that wonders if you're better off, or if this is something worth fighting for. Only you can answer that, but as for me, I got tired of fighting and being unhappy in a 8 year long relationship. I'm happier now by myself, even though lately I'm having issues with the guy I'm dating, but as time has gone on, I am glad that I let my ex go because we just weren't a good match anymore. People change, but what will really test your relationship is if you both are willing to fight for the relationship, it can't be one and not the other.
Toggle Commented Sep 23, 2010 on wandering eyes at it's like spring cleaning...
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Sep 21, 2010
I'm sorry hun, he sounds so shady. Hey are you from England? I see the word you used a few times 'bloody' :)
Toggle Commented Sep 21, 2010 on love begets love at Christina Jeanne
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Sep 21, 2010
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Sep 21, 2010
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