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Jun 12, 2010
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Jun 12, 2010
Why is it the Steve Jobs failed or made a mistake? Why isn't it that the Apple Board and John Scully made the mistake? Steve Jobs pushed to create the MacIntosh. He borrowed, or stole depending on your view, the idea of a GUI from Xerox and pushed that to be the paradigm of computing. That was something that no one, except maybe for the researchers at Xerox, even contemplated. If Jobs hadn't pushed his programmers would Microsoft have ever come to that conclusion? GUI concepts date back way earlier than the MacIntosh. Microcomputers were slowly coming into themselves but GUI development was never really pushed. Microcomputers came and all their OS were DOS based, even AppleSoft that was developed for the Apple I/II(+,e,gs) were using that DOS based software, incidentally licensed from Microsoft. Apple didn't want to be beholden to them so what did Jobs do? Recreated the GUI and pushed it as the real way to interface with computers. A twenty or thirty year old technology that changed the world. Jobs and again changed the idea the world with the iPhone. How? Five years ago how many phones actually could access the Internet. None. The phone makers had to create and substandard way of viewing the Internet: the WAP protocol. What did Jobs do? He ported a minimum version of his OS and browser and now we can view the full Internet (though on small screens it's not ideal but retooling HTML I think was is a better solution than the WAP protocol which was a different markup). And now everyone is following that new change where no real innovation for 15 years until Jobs did something. What freakin' mistake has he made? None that I can tell because everyone is always chasing his vision and the reality is it wasn't his vision he just saw what the vision truly was and pushed it because he saw the value. Nah, the mistake was the Apple Board. The good thing was that they bought NeXT and Jobs took back control. It took him almost ten years but he has turned Apple back to the powerhouse computer company that it was supposed to be. Microsoft is not a computer company they are a software company. Google is not a computer company they are an search/advertising company. They work within a lot of different technologies but they have always made their money in their search engine licensing and they advertising platform. Apple has always been the computer company they have created computers and the software that runs those computers.
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Jun 12, 2010