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It might be normal for the sex drive to fall, but in that sense, some urge to exercise (by this, I mean to keep active as opposed to 'working out') or keep one's mind fresh can also fall as we get older, yet I would think it behooves society to continue to extol the virtues of them, to kind of nudge us via mild social pressure, since we'll be happier and or healthier to have done it. It's weird to think about it this way, but to some extent, sex is work. One has to set aside time for foreplay, one has to have the energy level built up for the actual activity, and then one has to do this while worrying about whatever ongoing issues are occuring that could distract one party or the other, all this for an immediate payoff that lasts for a comparatively short period of time... Yet, if done somewhat regularly, it's a shared activity, and definitely has value as a bonding symbol. It does have hormonal effects, which one could argue is a kind of mind control, but nevertheless, there it is. Finally, sex signals in way that's somewhat undeniable that one doesn't have contempt for one's partner. While someone might be able to have angry sex, it's impossible to hide disgust in sex (gottam's studies come to mind).
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Hmm. This sounds an awful lot like Kuhn's discussions of paradigms in science. If so, eventually data and experiment will overtake the current position, most likely in a way none of us can anticipate. My bet is that the IQ part will fade away as people study the other parts of HBD that will matter as they can save lives, like things to cure diseases that tend to be linked to some races/groups of people because of similarity of their genetics. Perhaps a cure for lactose intolerance, favism, hemachromatosis, or any one of a number of genetic disorders. Eventually, to not acknowledge that we're all a little different inside would cause more problems than it's worth. I'd imagine morality would follow suit by simply remembering that it benefits everyone to operate in a way that respects other people. The other thing that might happen is if some realization comes along to show that there's an optimal level of intelligence, below it or above it causing an assortment of troubles for the individual and or society.
Toggle Commented Jun 4, 2009 on Smart people groupthink at Half Sigma
"if part of your self-concept is about feeling that you're special just because you're human, evidence to the contrary is very threatening." Interesting. I'd imagine most people (myself included to some extent or other) would be quite annoyed if it was said that they, or possibly their family weren't special in some way or other. I guess it's just very tough to have a nonegocentric point of view in one's assumptions. The shame here is that we can come up with plenty of decent reasons why we'll eat/use animals even if we did give them the attribute of morals, maybe move to a sort of lex talonis as a basis, although I'm curious if that would move backwards into humanity as whole.
Toggle Commented May 15, 2009 on Animal Morality at Overcoming Bias
"Middle-Easterners aren't Asian" Really? Or do you mean something more along the line of not 'oriental', which ironically would still apply to them in sense, since they're eastern. Perhaps what's being sought after here is more of a class modifier, like professional status than a locational modifier, as there are quite a few african (middle eastern, south american..) immigrants in the ranks of scientists and engineers in the US. I propose the title "Yummie" Young urban immigrant.
Toggle Commented May 15, 2009 on NAM = non-Asian minority at Half Sigma
I've never quite understood why some have resistance to ascribing some level of morality to animals. If it's the idea of a "ghost in the machine" free will aspect vs behaviors that are altruistic to a specific class of other creatures, then how do we ascribe morality to a person who doesn;t have any "feelings" about a given act, but acts in good manner anyways?
Toggle Commented May 15, 2009 on Animal Morality at Overcoming Bias