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I am the Associate University Librarian for Research and Instructional Services at Temple University.
Interests: developments, one of my passions is "keeping up." this means finding sources that will help me and professional colleagues to have access to sources of news, trends, and more - about librarianship and related fields. it also means exploring and discovering technologies that will make keeping up easier and more efficient. i've written a few articles on my philosophies and techniques. it all can be found on my keeping u
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Thanks for sharing these insights Simon. I work for a resource constrained university library - we'll never be harvard. But I've always believed that working under such constraints forces you to be more resourceful and creative in making the library an important part of the community that people want to use - and not just because they are being forced to do so. I also wanted to share that spielberg also added another dimension to jaws that was equally compelling to the terror. He focused on the relationships between the people in the movie - such as the one between the sheriff and his sons - or between the old grizzled shark hunter and the new style expert using technology. Some might say that the movie is much more about the people and how they dealt with an unreal experience than about the terror of a shark attack.
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2012 on How To Innovate Like A Shark at Re:Focus
Sorry about that error. I have now added the link - but you probably already found it on your own. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. You can be sure there will be harsh discipline for the individual that failed on this one.
Hi Dan. Yes. I did know that. I enjoy reading the Cronk of Higher Ed and always get a kick out of their library related posts. You might have missed that in my summary I put (NOTE: HUMOR) to indicate it wasn't a serious article. Just trying to cheer the readers up. A lot of the KUAL content, given the state of higher ed, can be dismal on many days. But thanks for sharing your concerns - and thanks for following KUAL