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Fellow Citizens of The Southern Cameroons, be you a student of UB or a taxi man, a buyam sellam or a mechanic, carpenter and all others,this is time for you people to free your country from the Junta government of La Republic. The Blood of Nforlem and Abouam were spilt in April 2005 and you let it go. The blood of two of your friends are once more spilt and more is going to happen if you don´t fight back. Get recruited into SOCADEF for the only language understood by La Republic is force. Sieze all of their weapons like we took some in May, beat the gendarmes, kill them, pick up Ngoh and dry up the little blood left on his body,fight until you gain independence for this blessed land and it will go down the anals of history that UB strike liberated the Southern Cameroons. I urge you, Igwe, I urge you Arrey, I urge you UBSU not to relent your effort. You should allow no one to stay back. Brothers, we shall win this war by any means necessary. Courage! Courage!