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@Kate I'm inclined to agree, but it hasn't been singled out for praise in the same way as Babur. @Rachel Did he lose his looks? I think there's a sign in Jam Circus that agrees with your Shoreditch statement.
@Lizzie: Thanks sweetie. How's Welsh Wales? @Chris: Blogging more? Yes, probably. Keeps me out of trouble. Ish. @kavey: You should @Howard: I'll believe you. There have been many other dishes in the intervening eight years. Still weird though. Funnily enough we had some ice cream on Friday that achieved the three-flavour thing. Ginger, cardamon and banana I think. It was at Le Querce in Brockley and was lovely (despite the lack of spoon-feeding or stopwatches!).
Excellent. Let me know how it goes!
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Hi Richard. No, the burger quest has taken a bit of a back seat of late, not least because I've been steering clear of carbs for a while now. I think I miss burgers most of all. Having said that I tend to take a break from the regime whenever I'm on holiday so next time that involves NYC I'll give it a go.
Toggle Commented Dec 18, 2009 on The money shot at Food and Drink in London
Great to work with you Neil. You led our motely crew with calmness and flair. Would happily do it all over again.
Thanks Richard. Make sure you make time for a drink in the bar upstairs before or afterwards. Or possibly both... Fi, I'm looking forward to explaining to Tim how you've been comparing with with untrimmed vegetables.
Much as I'm enjoying your fascinating posts, can you stop now? I'm sure LMT is a wonderful service but this is not a PR tool or a link-building service.
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2009 on Boxing clever at Food and Drink in London
@Lizzie. Not disliked. Just less successful than the rest. @Richard. There were five of us. We all got individual portions but, yes, they brought several of them out en masse so it was very convivial. Portions weren't too big and there were lots of long-ish but comfortable gaps so we generally felt satisfied but not stuffed by the end of it. Exactly as it should be.
Thanks Lizzie. If only the Rivington wasn't closed on Mondays. Incidentally, for the same reason it's best avoided on Sunday nights too - they tend to run out of menu items. Any other time, though, it rocks. I can lend you the book if you like. Quite interesting from a blogger's perspective.
I've often struggled at M&S (I only go in a train-based emergency). Most of their salads have pasta or rice in them and the few that don't are bland and unfilling. I usually end up buying two, slightly defeating the object of their superficially attractive pricing. Sounds like you've found a far more appropriate option.
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Thanks Ollie. I also had to try to forget all the other reviews I'd read on blogs (including yours). Not easy!
Hey Krista. You're right: I was only dimly aware of Julia. Although having read the J&J book (not yet seen the film) I know a lot more now. I'm not sure whether the parallel really holds up: in my mind Floyd was less about technique and more about entertainment and enthusiasm and convincing people that there was something beautiful (and nothing at all to be ashamed of) in cooking and eating great food. Having said that a lot of people seem to swear by his cookbooks. I don't have any but I'll be keeping an eye out for them from now on...
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2009 on Keith Floyd. RIP. at Food and Drink in London
Grass green tea? Not sure what you mean...
Toggle Commented Sep 16, 2009 on High tea at Food and Drink in London
Thanks Trig. Will try to get back into the regular swing of things again.
Thanks Sharmila. I went again last Saturday and had almost exactly the same meal as you. The only difference was I was too full for gelato (although I managed a single scoop of wild fennel sorbet). Happy to report the first visit was no flash in the pan. Very good once again.