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Gen Y (hate the term, but it instantly gives a little perspective, right?) here, and I will be on the list, Tim. Just a little FYI. #shovingtheoldguysoutontheirbutts :-) Ben
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Hmmm... Just had an HR dept meeting a few days back. One person's recommendation for fixing an issue we're facing? Add a handful of paperwork for people to sign and require all to be present at the same time. Ugh. My rec? Cut it all down to the bare minimum (i.e. ONE page) and then get the rest once the person comes into the office physically. For some people, it seems like the response is ALWAYS going to be "let's add more complexity to this." That might be a solution at times, but mostly we just need to stop doing so much junk and trim it down to the necessities.
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Holy crap. I'm addicted to this thing. Great post on an all-too-common problem.
Paul was asking about the (surprisingly good) presentation I saw at NASHRM yesterday. You just caught him at the right time with the right keywords. :-) The tool looks like a cool one. I'm looking forward to giving it a test run.
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Feb 10, 2010