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Acronyms and abbreviations tend to be an in-group sort of communication. They are used to save time for a small number of people talking about the same subject, very often at work. Being like buzzwords, people tend to tune them out until they need them. Although some like ATM and PIN have become ubiquitous. Or SWAT, which does seem to accurately describe what that special police unit does. There are some backronyms like LOL, that we only write, and don't usually use in conversation. It's not likely we will say, "That has me LOL." If we feel something is funny, we laugh. Without the technology of computers and cell phones, we couldn't text much and these shortened terms wouldn't be in use. Due to technology, and being spoken in more and more countries, shortened forms of words are a sign the English language is growing. Much of this growth has been deregulated in the past few decades as more and more avenues of communication are being developed for people.
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Aug 25, 2011